Communication planEdit

  • I communicate with Kartik through gtalk and with Niklas through IRC.
  • I will submit weekly report to both of the mentors.

Community Bonding Period ReportEdit

Work doneEdit

  • Read translate code and documentation.
  • Setup local environment with translate. Interface translation for Mediawiki, OSM, PWB.
  • Prepared a rough specification to follow for the push functionality.

Lessons learntEdit

  • Apart from the flow, think on the basic technical details.
  • At the same time do not overthink software design for the alpha version.
  • Don't waste time waiting for answers. Use the time to go forward with other tasks instead.

Week 1 & 2Edit

  • Script to send notifications to the LU service   Done
  • API for publishers (mainly twn) to send notifications to   Done
  • Database update mechanism   Done

Week 3Edit

  • Added better logging support.
  • Wrote internal documentation.
  • Rewrote MessageCollection.js, UpdateWorker.js to use Mongodb.
  • API for manually fetching messages.

Week 4Edit

  • Started with tests
  • Started designing the push interface

Week 5Edit

  • More documentation + cleanup