Wikitext is a document written in a wiki markup language, such as the current one explained in Help:Editing (see also Help:Formatting and Markup spec/DTD ). It is a mixture of content, markup, and metadata. The current and old versions of all pages of a wiki are stored in the database in the text table, in the form of wikitext.

For the main parts of Wikidata there is no wikitext source text.

User documentation

Developer documentation

  • Specs/wikitext/1.0.0 – as of August 2016, the URI used by Parsoid to identify the version of Wikitext it is assuming

Alternatives to MediaWiki Wikitext

  • Wikitax – 2002 proposal
  • Lightweight markup language – Wikipedia article describing markup languages for cases "where it may be necessary to read the raw document as well as the final rendered output"


  • PHP Parser – Generated documentation from comments embedded in the source code. A summary of what the PHP parser is as described on that page: "Processes wiki markup (which uses a more user-friendly syntax, such as "[[Link]]" for making links), and provides a one-way transformation of that wiki markup it into (X)HTML output / markup (which in turn the browser understands, and can display)."
  • Parsoid – translation tool for MediaWiki which translates between HTML5 DOM with RDFa and MediaWiki Wikitext.


We have provided important compatibility information, which helps describe expected behavior for converting wikitext to HTML.

  • Parser tests - Our tests in MediaWiki core contain the authoritative source for Wikitext markup compatibility testing.
  • Parsoid test cases (parserTests.txt on Diffusion) – a forked version of the MediaWiki core tests, used by Parsoid. Besides the wt2html mode that the PHP parser supports, Parsoid's parser tests runner also enables several other testing modes not supported by the PHP parser (wt2wt, html2wt, html2html, randomized edits for testing selective serialization, manual edits for controlled testing of serialization). These tests are manually synchronized using scripts in the Parsoid codebase.

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