What's New

This is a page to collect new stuff around MediaWiki extensions and scripts. Anyone can add their work here and it will be published frequently on the mediawiki-l mailing list.

New ExtensionsEdit

  • Extension:DocBookExport - Create a DocBook from selected wiki pages. You can download the DocBook as an XML file or in PDF format.
  • Extension:Scopus - Uses parser functions to pull data from the Scopus API into wiki pages. Scopus is an academic reference manager.
  • Extension:Mendeley - Uses parser functions to pull data from the Mendeley API into wiki pages. Mendeley is an academic reference manager. It also provides a form input when used with the PageForms extension to search and add a document.
  • Extension:CloneDiff - Compare pages on the local wiki to pages in one or more "clone wikis" - wikis that have some of the same page structure, though with possibly different contents in the pages. For pages that are different (or when the page only exists in the remote wiki), the extension lets you also import the current text on the remote wiki into the local wiki.
  • Extension:UserAgreement - Adds the ability for administrators to specify a user agreement message and have it rendered to users for acknowledgement before granting access to a wiki's contents.
  • Extension:CourseEditor - Provides an interface and metadata storage to connect a group of pages which form a course textbook. Experimental.

New Scripts/ToolsEdit

  • [1] - Lets you import entries from gravityforms to mediawiki templates

New FeaturesEdit