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Quality Assurance/Weekly goals

Help achieving the QA weekly goal! No matter how new or how expert you are we have a task for you.

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Requesting a slotEdit

The QA weekly goals are open to ALL projects, not just Wikimedia Foundation teams. By default we organize activities that volunteers can perform on their own during the week, although it is also possible to organize specific group events at a given time.

This is what you need to get your slot:

  • Propose a goal and a week. The easiest is to do it in a new thread at the discussion page.
  • Be ready to work on a landing page for the volunteers that will help reaching your goal.
    • Think of small tasks for newbies, and also more complex tasks to engage more experienced contributors.
    • No need to duplicate content: link to the relevant pages in or anywhere else.
    • For new features make sure that volunteers can get easily have a testing environment. For instance, setup a wiki at instead of asking volunteers to install a MediaWiki locally.
  • Get involved in the promotion of the event. We will help at least with a mention at News and the homepage, plus our social media channels.
  • Be ready to offer support to volunteers during the week requested. Make sure your team and relevant colleagues are also available and identified. All the better if you have good coverage of different timezones.
  • You commit to post an evaluation of the week, explaining the achievements and the lessons learned.
  • Your help retaining volunteers and encouraging them to join future activities is welcome! A way to stay in touch is to join the MediaWiki groups for Features testing, Browser testing and Bug Squad.

Once your QA week is completed you are encouraged to start thinking on the next one. This is how the QA wheel keeps spinning.

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