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Mediawiki group: Features testing edit

This group welcomes anyone interested in validating and reporting on the behavior of new features in Wikipedia software, either freshly deployed or under development. Participants will likely come from a number of constituencies and have different but compatible concerns, for example:

  • Editors of Wikipedia with a vested interest in the behavior of the software they use in ongoing work.
  • Maintainers of Wikipedia interested in keeping the site running smoothly.
  • People interested in Wikipedia software on mobile devices
  • People new to the Wikipedia community interested in improving their understanding of Wikipedia software by examining its newest features closely.
  • Software testing specialists interested in sharing or improving their test skills, who are not necessarily active in the Wikipedia community.

An example of the sort of project in which this group would participate: Echo Testing

Echo is only one of several critical projects at WMF that would benefit from Features testing.

Some historical examples:

Promoters edit

Members edit

  • Rajitha Meleveettil(QA Analyst SCL)
  • Phil Kirkham ( Atomic Object, Software Testing Club ) PhilK (talk) 20:52, 28 January 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  • Mohinder Khosla (Freelance Tester and Developer,TISS) MPKHOSLA (talk) 12:20 09 February 2013 (GMT)
  • Justin Rohrman (Software Tester) justinrohrman (talk)
  • Olaoye Oluwatosin (Software Tester) oluwatosin (talk)
  • "Abishek Nair (Software Tester/business Anlayst/Consultant "
  • Taowa Taowa2 (talk)
  • "Renuka Alurkar (Software QA)"
  • Liby (Software Tester) Pisces March
  • Anjana Ranga "Software Tester" Ranganu
  • Kalpana Datta "Software Tester" Kalpana

Endorsements edit