To create a MediaWiki Group proposal you just need to be ONE. To get it approved you must be at least THREE.

You know you need a group when...


MediaWiki Groups are easy to set up and they can be helpful in many situations:

  • There are 3 of you, and you wish there would be more.  :)
  • You want to have an identity as a group within the MediaWiki community and the Wikimedia movement.
  • You want to reach out to people interested in MediaWiki or the software powering Wikipedia in a specific area.
  • You want to have officially recognized MediaWiki channels like a microblogging user account...
  • You want to organize technical activities under the name of MediaWiki, Wikimedia or related projects like Wikipedia.
  • You want to obtain funding from the Wikimedia Foundation or a Wikimedia chapter.

Creating a proposal


This is how you get started:

  • Create a subpage under Groups/Proposals (template available) and list it in the appropriate table below.
  • Present the proposal at wikitech-l and other channels you find appropriate. Feel free using this email template. We will share your proposal through the MediaWiki social media.
  • All the better if you get endorsements from MediaWiki maintainers or WMF developers.


Creative thought is especially welcome to this section. Join the discussion.

MediaWiki groups need to

  1. Discuss inside the group.
  2. Send notifications to followers.
  3. Broadcast important messages.

The MediaWiki community has traditionally resolved this with a combination of wiki (including discussion pages), mailing lists, IRC channels and blog posts, lately with some social media spice.

The starting point of any MediaWiki group is a landing page under Groups. From there more communication tools can be obtained based on need. You may also want to add your proposal to meta:Wikimedia User Groups#User groups in discussion to help capture attention from visitors to Meta-Wiki.

Submitting a proposal


You can submit your proposal to the Affiliations Committee at least one week after your announcement to wikitech-l. If there are open disputes it is better to solve them before submitting the proposal officially.

We follow the same process as Wikimedia User Groups. Check the requirements and the step-by-step creation guide. Doing your homework beforehand is the best way to get a quick & straightforward approval.

The submission itself is simple:

  1. Submit a Wikimedia User Group application on Meta-Wiki at meta:Wikimedia user groups/Applications.
  2. Send an email to affcom (template available) including a link to your application on Meta-Wiki and proposal here on

After the resolution


After the decision from the Affiliations Committee, proposals approved will be moved out of this page and will be listed at Groups.

Current proposals

Thematic groups
Name Contact Comments Submitted
MediaWiki Group MediaWiki Cooperation Mglaser, 80686 Announced on 2014-09-15. Feedback and endorsements welcome. PENDING
MediaWiki Group of Third-Party Wiki Farm Developers Legoktm Announced on 2014-08-10. Feedback and endorsements welcome. PENDING
MediaWiki Group Bug Squad Valerie Juarez Announced on 2012-12-26. Feedback and endorsements welcome. PENDING
MediaWiki Group Dispute Resolution Guy Macon Not yet announced: suggested improvements to the proposal welcome N/A
MediaWiki release management MarkAHershberger Announced on 2013-02-27. Feedback and endorsements welcome. PENDING
MediaWiki Group Accessibility Tracking Barrierefrei (talk) 11:36, 25 April 2013 (UTC)[reply] Announced on 2013-05-29: Feedback and endorsements welcome. PENDING
Local groups
Name Contact Comments Submitted
MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad Harsh Kothari Announced on 2012-12-14. Feedback and endorsements welcome. 2012-12-21
MediaWiki Group Ciudad de México Jacobo Nájera Announced on 2012-12-21. Feedback and endorsements welcome. N/A
MediaWiki Group Surakarta Bennylin Announced on 2013-01-21. Feedback and endorsements welcome. N/A
MediaWiki Group WikiWerkers Bart Mulckhuijse Announced on 2015-10-28. Feedback and endorsements welcome. N/A