MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad


MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad aims to become an avenue of technical support for community activities in India, especially Gujarat. We are a bunch of enthusiastic Wikipedians who have been contributing to Gujarati Wikipedia for sometime. Most of us are also programmers with adequate knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS.

This group aims to conduct hackathons, meetups and develop in-house technical expertise so that we can make Gujarati Wikipedia more functional and easier for editors to write on. With the help of some guidance from WMF staff and other community members we have already implemented HotCat, Popups and Reference Tooltip on GU WP. The group can also prepare User script, Gadget, Extension, guidelines, tutorials and useful material that can be passed on for other Indian language Wikipedia communities to refer.

We believe that there is a solid need to work on MediaWiki, especially in the Indian context because the readership numbers are going up drastically but the number of editors are still very low. This might be because of the difficulties in typing, unavailability of tools and more.

Areas of collaboration:

  • Localize Gadgets for Gujarati Wikipedia and Wikisource
  • Create New Gadgets and extensions
  • Bug solving for Gujarati Wikipedia and WikiSource and also other MediaWiki related Bug solving for all Indian languages
  • Translate into Gujarati Language, i.e.
  • Wikidata





Who is interested


As promoters

  • Harsh Kothari: I am currently studying in Engineering. I am active in Gujarati Wikipedia and made 4500+ contributions. I am comfortable with JavaScript, Python, PHP. I have already ported HotCat, Popups and Reference Tooltip into Gujarati Wikipedia. I also want to contribute to MediaWiki for developing new extension, Gadgets, Bug solving etc--Harsh4101991 (talk) 20:40, 13 December 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  • More Promoters are welcome

As members

  • Noopur28: I am on the non-technical side and can help with translations to Gujarati and managing the mailing list or organizing meetups and such.
  • Dhaval Shah:Being conversant with programming,I am keen to contribute to MediaWiki using my technical knowledge at best.At present I am an active contributor in Gujarati Wikipedia.
  • Samkit:Having coding practices, I am used to wikipedia scripts and want to contribute to MediaWiki. I am also actively contributing to Gujarati Wikipedia.
  • Akash:I will be happy to become part of it.I would love to preserve my mother tounge.
  • Hitarth:I am currently studying in Engineering.I can help on technical as well as non technical side.
  • Dishant:Coding enthusiast. Keen to contribute in MediaWiki. Active on Gujarati Wikipedia.
  • Arjun:I would like to contribute on technical as well as non technical side.I would Love to Preserve the Mother Tongue.
  • Yuvi: Would be glad to help with contributions on the Technical side - can conduct small hackathons / trainings too!
  • Rangilo Gujarati : Endorsing in full support of Harsh, this group with help of Yuvi and other members can aim for small technical outreach events too !!
  • Ketan Raval : nurturer of letsnurture , always love to play with html,javascript,jquery,php and css.
  • Kondi: Let there be MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad!
  • Alolita Sharma: Happy to help with any questions on Mediawiki and Javascript based Indic language wiki gadgets, tools and translations for Gujarati! As well as help the group succeed in organizing code sprints, online technical discussions and more.
  • Ansuman Giri: My support! :) Ported many gadgets to Odia Wikipedia, would love to join you guys whenever possible.
  • Dilip: Technology enthusiast

Other endorsements