Groups/Proposals/Proposal template

This is a soft template. You can adapt it to your needs. Edit also the discussion page adding {{#UseLiquidThreads:1}} in order to have a more use friendly discussion page.

MediaWiki Group (((NAME)))...

(((Here goes the intro. Define the scope of the group, the type of problems you want to solve, the type of activities you want to organize. Background and precedents (if any) are good too. It is useful to check the requirements and the step-by-step creation guide.))).

Areas of collaboration:

  • (((List the topics or activities you want to relate this group to)))

We are requesting official recognition from the Affiliations Committee for a first period of one year, after which we would become a permanent group.





The official channel of communication of this group is its Discussion page.

wikitech-l is used as a fallback list for wider topics requiring community attention.

(((This is the default setup for all groups. Feel free to adapt it to your needs. Don't rush creating new channels until you really need them and are sure you can keep them active.)))

Related links welcome!
  • (((Links to related pages at

See also:

  • (((Links in other Wikimedia sites or other websites, if any.)))


MediaWiki groups need at least 3 people to be approved.


  • (((Introduce yourself briefly and sign by using "--~~~~".)))
  • More promoters welcome! (((One is enough, but all the better if you have 2-3.)))


  • (((Add your name and sign by using "--~~~~". All the better if you Introduce yourself briefly.)))

Other endorsements

  • (((Other people not planning to be members of this group can also express public support))).