Bug management/Triage/20130318

Starting on March 18, 2013 and all week long with a dedicated session on March 19, we're cleaning up the bug reports about Extension:LiquidThreads.

LiquidThreads bug reports edit

What: Bug Triage of LiquidThreads reports - see the full list of reports. We will be focusing on cleaning up, improving the quality of these reports, and retesting some of them on mediawiki.org or test2.wikipedia.org.

When: Week of March 18, 2013, with a dedicated Bug Day on March 19 from 15:00 UTC until 21:00 UTC. This is an ongoing activity: you can arrive / leave at any time.

Where: #wikimedia-dev connect IRC channel. After joining on IRC, say Hello Bug Squad!. Look for users andre__ and valeriej. We will welcome you with instructions and help. Our progress is documented in the Bug Day Etherpad.

  • Over 60 bug reports come from translatewiki.net.[1] You're welcome to use it for testing (it runs last code in master); due to some of the bugs, some actions are restricted to translators, so follow the FirstSteps wizard to ask the right.

Who: Anyone who is interested, including you!

Why: The idea came up on the wikitech-l mailing list. While LiquidThreads is not actively developed anymore it is still popular and deployed in many places.

See also How to triage.

This is a weekly QA activity organized by the Bug Squad team. Join us!

Attendees edit

Results edit

Reduced number of open reports from 218 to 204.

Bug reports changed in the entire week: 76 reports.

Bug reports acted on on the dedicated bugday (31 reports):

Suggested reports not looked at (feel free to triage and update page with your actions): Suggested bugs to look at:

Promotion edit

  • Announced at wikitech-l, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and identi.ca.
  • Invitation sent to the 66 reporters of the 216 open issues (2 delivery failures).