Bug management/Triage/20130402

Starting on April 1st, 2013 and all week long with a dedicated session on April 02, we're cleaning up bug reports related to skin/theme and page rendering issues.

Skin and page rendering bug reports edit

What: Bug Triage of Skin and page rendering reports - see the full list of reports. We will be focusing on cleaning up, improving the quality of the reports, and retesting some on mediawiki.org or test2.wikipedia.org.

When: Week of April 01, 2013, with a dedicated Bug Day on April 02 from 16:30 UTC until 20:30 UTC. This is an ongoing activity: you can arrive / leave at any time.

Where: #wikimedia-office connect IRC channel. After joining on IRC, say Hello Bug Squad!. Look for users andre__ and valeriej. We will welcome you with instructions and help. Our progress is documented in the Bug Day Etherpad.

Who: Anyone who is interested, including you!

Why: The idea came up in the Bugsquad discussion space.

See also How to triage.

This is a weekly QA activity organized by the Bug Squad team. Join us!

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Results edit

Reports edit

87 reports were changed in this week, 60+ of them being identifiable as part of the bugday:

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Moved edit

to gather the attention of maintainers sensitive with multilingual content.

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Evaluation edit

For an example, see QA/Browser testing/Search features#Evaluation.


  • Summary: Best results so far in terms of dedicated people and reports addressed. We also fine tuned the announcement to be sent in future bug days including a URL a personal list of reports.
  • Results: 87 reports were changed in this week, 60+ of them being identifiable as part of the Bug Day. 11 highlighted, 9 WORKSFORME, 3 INVALID, 1 WONTFIX, 1 DUPLICATE, 10 moved to other components (see Accurate bug triage metrics)
  • Participation: 10 contributors declared, from which 4 were WMF employees (see Accurate bug triage metrics).
    • New: FIXME
    • Repeating: FIXME
    • Mood: good collaboration during the Bug Day scheduled hours. Going for #wikimedia-office helped a lot isolating this activity.
  • Documentation: No complaints received. Seems to be stable.
  • Promotion: Email to bug reporters considered useful but we got 2 peoples replying that the URL was vague. Now we have a better URL showing only your personal results.
  • Developer team: Yes, especially Dantman (talk · contribs) and Matma_Rex (talk · contribs) were involved and supporting. The Bug Day's scope was MatmaRex's idea.
  • Organizers: We had to invest less time organizing and we obtained better results. Maybe we are onto something.  :)
  • Lessons learned:
    • This was the first bugday in #wikimedia-office instead of #wikimedia-dev which was less noisy and allowed to explicitly welcome people entering the channel.
    • Using #wikimedia-office requires checking first that there are no other office hours planned at the same time.
    • Outreach to cardinal developers was successful; documentation was updated accordingly
    • Having a prepared short list of reports to start with would be helpful, to be able to point new triagers to good tickets to start with.