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Whit is TemplateData?

VeesualEediter, the vesual interface tae eedit wiki pages, incluids ae tuil tae easilie eedit templates. Houever, in order fer that tuil tae be maist uissful, it needs tae be able tae pul information aneat the template; maistlie, it needs ae leet o possible parameters fer the template, n thair chairactereesteecs.

Wioot the TemplateData

Wioot the TemplateData, ilka boondin needs tae be eikit manuallie whan insertin ae new template.

Nae information is providit aneat whit the value o the boondin shid be.

Wi the TemplateData

Wi the TemplateData, ae leet o supportit boondins (n thair descreeption) is providit fer the template.

The TemplateData provides the context fer ilka boondin, n make it ae lot easier fer uisers tae modeefie templates.

Eikin the TemplateData

Yin o the things that we need volunteers tae dae is the eikin o TemplateData til the templates (pairteeculairlie hei-profile yins, lik infokists) sae that thay'r easie tae eedit.

The TemplateData heelp page explains hou tae eik TemplateData information til ae template.

Ye can proablie think o some awfa important templates oan yer wiki ver easilie; expereeanced uisers ken awfa weel whit templates ar ae muckle deal, n will ineveetablie fynd oot whan thay ettle tae uise thaim n discover that thaur's nae TemplateData.

Ye can fynd aen autæmateeclie-generated leet o the maist uised templates oan yer wiki oan the Special:MostUsedTemplates byordinair page. Gif ye'r interestit in obtainin ae copie o that leet in wiki format (easier fer collaboration), than we can big that leet fer ye. Please send yer request bi e-mail til okeyes-at-wikimedia-dot-org.