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Mba'épa ha'e TemplateData?

VisualEditor, the visual interface to edit wiki pages, includes a tool to easily edit templates. However, in order for that tool to be most useful, it needs to be able to pull information about the template; mostly, it needs a list of possible parameters for the template, and their characteristics.


Without TemplateData, each parameter needs to be added manually when inserting a new template.

No information is provided about what the value of the parameter should be.

TempleData ndie

TempleData ndie, peteĩ tekorã rysýi ojehejava (ha ijehaipy kuaarã) oĩme opa tembiecharãme.

TemplateData ome'ẽ jehai opa tekorãme, ha omboporã puruhára rembiapo tembiecharã jehaijey.

Ñemo'ĩ TemplateData

Peteĩ mba'e ñande ñaikotevẽ ha'e puruhára ikatu ojemo'ĩ TemplateData tembiecharãme (hetave tembiecharã tuichavepe, infobox guáicha) ha'eta hag̃ua hasy'ỹva.

The TemplateData help page explains how to add TemplateData information to a template.

You can probably think of some pretty important templates on your wiki very easily; experienced users know pretty well which templates are a big deal, and will inevitably find out when they try to use them and discover there isn't any TemplateData.

You can find an automatically-generated list of most used templates on your wiki on the Special:MostUsedTemplates special page.