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Hello all,

From April 24th, a new interlanguage link system will be deployed on all Wiktionaries. This extension, Cognate, automatically links the pages with the same title between the Wiktionaries. This means they no longer have to be added in the pages of the main namespace.

This new feature has been developed by Wikimedia Deutschland as the first step of the project Wikidata for Wiktionary, but does not rely on Wikidata.

To allow the feature to operate, all the former interlanguage links have to be removed from the wikitext. You can do this by using a bot, as it was done on Wikipedia in the past. If you leave them in they will overwrite the automatic links.

During the development we had a lot of discussions with Wiktionary editors to understand their needs, but it's possible that some automatic links don't work as you would expect. If you find some bugs or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to add a sub-task on Phabricator or add a message on this talk page.

Teşekkürler, Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk)