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We, the Wikimedia Services team, are aiming to shape the Wikimedia service infrastructure with platform services, APIs and tools. We develop scalable APIs with clearly defined Swagger / OpenAPI specs and versioning policies. We automate monitoring, metric reporting and logging. We keep the majority of services simple & stateless by offering general multi-datacenter storage (RESTBase) and change propagation solutions.

Overall, our goal is to make our infrastructure more flexible, robust and efficient by gradually migrating from a monolithic architecture to micro-services.

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  • RESTBase, the storage & API proxy service behind the Wikimedia REST API. Built using Node.js and Cassandra.
  • EventBus, a Kafka-based event distribution solution for asynchronous tasks & cross-service communication.
  • ChangeProp, a general change propagation service with support for templated HTTP requests and CDN purging.

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