Wikimedia Services/2017-18 Q1 Goals

Annual Program/Outcome Quarterly Objective Tech Goal Team Goal Dependencies Team Members ETA Status
Program 7: Smart tools for better data

Outcome 2: access to Wikimedia content and data with scalable APIs

Objective 1: Revision storage scaling

Start gradual roll-out of Cassandra 3 & new schema to resolve storage scaling issues and OOM errors. B: Serving our audiences; D: Tech debt
  • Operations
EOQ Draft
Program 8: Multi-datacenter support

Outcome 2: Backend infrastructure works reliably across data centers

Objective 1: Reliable, multi-DC job processing

Begin migrating job queue processing to multi-DC enabled eventbus infrastructure.
  • Implement ChangeProp deduplication and rate limiting.
  • Start migrating job queue use cases.
D: Tech debt
  • Operations
  • Analytics
End of Q1 Draft