Wikimedia Services/Meetings/2015-02-03-MA

Phab tasks


Tentative agenda

  • Short intro + status: RESTBase && MA
  • MA current data- and workflow
  • Mobile service brainstorm

Action items

  • Wait for RESTBase to be deployed [Owner: All of us, but especially Monte]
  • Figure out exactly the data and workflow that we'd like to have [Owner: Adam/Dmitry]
  • Design the API that would ideally serve the mobile app's use cases [Owner: Adam/Dmitry, with Services Team]


  • Would be a benefit to share transforms between IOS & Android
  • Want generally uniform rendering
  • CSS, JS rendering on mobile
  • Currently transforms done in JS on DOM, can reuse if using JS environment like node
  • Ownership: MA owns transforms, services helps to wrap in service
  • section loading: would be good to preserve lead section / rest split
    • maybe not with SPDY
  • Unversioned/changing APIs are a major source of client-side breakage

Wishlist for service

  • image metadata for all images in article
  • Arbitrary Wikidata properties (not just description)
    • May be possible since RESTBase can cache the result of the query
    • We need to make sure not to fall into the trap of not pushing people to build scalable APIs