Wikimedia Services/2016-17 Q1 Goals

Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Protect sensitive user information
  • Minimize code with direct access to sensitive user information by creating an authentication service prototype, to be used as an AuthManager backend in Q2.
Security, Operations EOQ Partly successful. Prototyped, full implementation pending storage backend discussion & security hiring.
EventBus & change propagation
  • Finish RESTBase update job migration.
  • Support use cases for Discovery, Reading & Wikidata, replacing custom jobs where it makes sense.
  • Refine our CDN purging infrastructure to reduce purge request volumes & improve reliability (with operations).
Operations EOQ Driver / Kafka upgrade took longer than anticipated. Finished RESTBase update migration & enabled other use cases like ORES. Work with collaboration & reading teams on new use cases is ongoing & will continue in Q2. Discussed CDN purge options & contributed patches, but do not yet have comprehensive scaling strategy in place.

Other progress: