Wikimedia Services/2015-16 Q4 Goals

Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Core: REST API build-out, documentation & distribution
  • Support apps and the API-driven frontend effort with cacheable high-traffic entry points and clean content interfaces. Status: Done.
  • Expand mediawiki-containers environment to fully support RESTBase, and improve support for development use cases. Status: Deferred, integrate with ops Kubernetes effort in next quarters.
EOQ Partly done.
Focus: EventBus & change propagation
  • Introduce retry queues. Status: Done.
  • Migrate several jobs (in particular RestbaseUpdateJobs) to EventBus / change propagation service. Status: Mostly done, but encountered issues with Kafka bindings.
  • Complete EventBus & change propagation multi-Dc support & test it: T127718. Status: Not done, blocked on Kafka bindings work.
Analytics (Kafka replication setup), Operations (Service discovery for DC fail-over) EOQ Partly done / in progress.

See also for background and ongoing work.