Wikimedia Services/Deployments

Wednesday, March 23rd

cc119ac Buckets: First implementation of archived bucket
709c44f Updated the archival bucket name
d84169a Omit Number from parseInt call
3e70283 Use key_rev_value with latest_hash policy for latest storage
34aafd9 Store latest content already gzip-encoded
77dc57a Implement manually a convenience method for 0.10 compatibility
d90ef07 Added comment about 0.10 compatibility
fdcc13f Rebase and minor improvement
86000db Store compressed JSON
1f100cb Data-parsoid and page title cleanup
754a9ca Redirect file pages to commons if they were not found in local wiki
89f66f1 Improved indentation for normalization filter
7b6b2fd Option for the bucket type backing the parsoid module
b62fa11 Explicitly depend on jscs to avoid peerDependency warning
3cf1547 Added a table module to switch storage with config option
d0a55fb Enable redirects for non-normalized titles
6e5d04f Added explanation comment
3574667 Improved variable naming
82f12a2 Added default to the redirect_cache_control
fa8d80b Removed vagrant-specific project files
088483d Mathoid: Use the BetaCluster instance for tests
f422403 Parsoid: Always use key_rev_value for stashed content
299c5af Release v0.12.0
xxxxxxx Update node module dependencies