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recent changes "Atom" with filter="all-discussions"

2003:C2:3F30:C500:8CB3:19C8:DFBE:85B2 (talkcontribs)

... submits:


... and crashes:

    "error": {
        "code": "badvalue",
        "info": "Unrecognized value for parameter \"namespace\": all-discussions.",
        "*": "See https://xxxxxxxxxxxx/api.php for API usage. Subscribe to the mediawiki-api-announce mailing list at <> for notice of API deprecations and breaking changes."

but works when I remove the namespace filter.

Is there an extension or update that we are missing?

MW 1.39.6

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Specify encoding for DumpBackup.php output

2 (talkcontribs)

Is it somehow possible to specify the encoding for the DumpBackup.php output?

Our language specific characters in our wiki (like German umlauts etc.) are exported as "ü" for "ü" and so on.

I can´t find any solution for this in Manual:DumpBackup.php.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

encoding should always be utf-8. This is the only encoding mediawiki supports. (if your mw install is very very (pre 1.5) rules are slightly more complicated.)

Possibly the dump file is correct and the issue is how you are viewing it.

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Connect to $wgserver from two subnets / server with two ips

XanthorM (talkcontribs)


I try to edit the LocalSettings.php for connecting to one server with one wiki out from two subnets. On the server are two physical connections one for all vpn users and one for all internal users, tried to make use of $wgInternalServer and tried to make an array in $wgServer, both not worked as intended. (also tried canonical server)

For now there are two questions:

  1. if $wgInternalServer is used, how to prevent ip hopping (by connecting to the server, the ip will automaticaly change to the wrong ip)
  2. are there other possibilitys for doing that (the Wiki should only be accessible internal and with vpn (during spliting the network in half for security reasons), not on the regular internet. (mirroring the wiki was not the intention)

Thank you for your Answers.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

$wgInternalServer is for CDN configuration, its unrelated.

One way is to give the server a dns name and have all this be handled on the dns side.

Another method is $wgServer = WebRequest::detectServer();

XanthorM (talkcontribs)

$wgServer = WebRequest::detectServer();

Worked for this usecase, Thank You

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I would like content removed from my wikipedia page

Simone Badal (talkcontribs)

Please remove the article about plagiarism that was posted on my page today and this was investigated and found to be baseless. If you will not remove this content, please remove the wikipedia page on Simone Badal all together. Conversations are being had with my attorneys as to to the course to take for the instigator of this unfounded claim.

Clump (talkcontribs)
Simone Badal (talkcontribs)

okay, thank you. Can you provide the link as I did reach out and this popped up.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Seems like this has already been resolved.

however for future reference, see


Alternatively you can email

P.s. as general advice, i would suggest avoiding mentioning lawyers as it tends to make people defensive which is probably the opposite of what you want.

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AntanO (talkcontribs)

I am an admin in and I would like to block some vulgar/inappropriate words. Which is correct MediaWiki namespace. I do use MediaWiki:Titleblacklist for block inappropriate title, but I want to know the methods to block in content.

Malyacko (talkcontribs)
AntanO (talkcontribs)

Thank you!

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We have dissolved our roundtable library and disposed of all books. How do I delete this entire library?

2601:801:200:7:F5B0:62F1:20CF:8FA9 (talkcontribs)

We have dissolved our roundtable library and disposed of all books. How do I delete this entire library?

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how to get composer version 2

2003:C2:3F30:C500:51EA:F41C:E2B2:F470 (talkcontribs)

MW 1.39.6 - Php 7.4.3

Looking at: Composer

Action: wget -cO - > composer.phar

checking version: composer --version

result: Composer 1.10.1 2020-03-13 20:34:27

And now?

TheDJ (talkcontribs)

> wget -cO - > composer.phar

This only downloads composer to your local directory, which might not be in your PATH.

If you run which composer, it will tell you where your current composer version is located. You can either copy composer to that location OR it might be that your composer is actually provided by some sort of package management system like homebrew, rpm etc.. In that last case, refer to the documentation of your package manager to see how to properly update the package that is providing your composer version.

2003:C2:3F30:C500:5153:CA0C:1C8D:7449 (talkcontribs)

That's it! There has been another composer installed that I didn't know. Thank you.

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old mediawiki upgrade

2A01:E0A:970:8170:B1A6:911:33FB:A55B (talkcontribs)


I have an old MediaWiki install, version 1.25.1, installed using a tar.gz long ago. I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to upgrade.

I am running Debian 12, I wouldn't mind using packages for easier upgrades, if that's possible. Is it possible to do a new install and then point the settings to the old DB?

Cheers for any tips.

TheDJ (talkcontribs)

As described in Manual:Upgrading you always have to update to 1.35.x first. General advise is to first disable all your extensions, update your core, update the database with maintenance/update.php, update and enable your extensions and run maintenance/update.php again. Verify everything is working (some extensions might have to be disabled, because they are no longer updated, check their pages on and then go to the next LTS release.

2A01:E0A:970:8170:B1A6:911:33FB:A55B (talkcontribs)

Thanks a bunch.

This post was hidden by Malyacko (history)
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Mediawiki: I want to display all the possible values of a property

Aphfug (talkcontribs)

I have a property "Type d'évenement" that has 33190 uses. I want to display all the different values possible for that property.

I have a solution that somewhat works, but is limited and very slow

Here's the code :

{{#arraydefine: my.array|{{#ask: [[Type d'événement::+]] |mainlabel=- |headers=hide |?Type d'événement |limit=10000|searchlabel= }}|,|print=list, sort=asc, unique}}

But this solution is very slow and is limited to the first 10000 usages, so I may miss some possible values. What annoys me is that, in the advanced research form, it is perfect and work very fast (look at the "Type d'événement" combobox input):

Here's the field I'm talking about :

{{{field|type|input type=combobox|size=50|values from property=Type d'événement}}}

It means that there is a way to do it perfectly and in a fast way. PageForms extension managed it.

I also tried this solution, that has the same problems :

{{#ask: [[Type d'événement::+]]|?Type d'événement|headers=hide|limit=10000|format=valuerank}}

There is also the search by property that does it really fast.

I have not yet installed any lua extension to do codes in templates but I may try it one day. I can also do some php and js code in the server files if necessary.

I think somewhere the list of unique values of a property exists and that is what SearchByProperty and PageForm uses, but I can't seem to understand how to use it.

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'notes' are not displayed in MediaWiki on an image transcluded from Commons

Wladek92 (talkcontribs)
TheDJ (talkcontribs)

Notes are implemented as a Javascript extension on Commons. In order for them to function on other wiki's you have to ensure that the gadget is installed and enabled on those other wikis.

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