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Friendly reminder: 1/13 @ 19:00 UTC - MediaWiki Workshop: Preparing extensions for MW 1.19 in #wikimedia-dev

Thank you for your interest in the MediaWiki Workshop, Preparing extensions for MediaWiki 1.19!

As a friendly reminder, the workshop is being held being held in about 12 hours - 13 January, 2012 at 19:00 UTC - in IRC (#wikimedia-dev).

This workshop will be an opportunity to share information about changes in MediaWiki 1.19 that may require revisions to extensions or skins. Also an opportunity for developers to ask questions regarding extension development.

Look forward to seeing you in IRC.  :) --Varnent 06:20, 13 January 2012 (UTC)

Questions about your new repos

I had a quick question regarding your new repositories that you requested. As best I can tell, these are all extensions to MediaWiki. If that is indeed the case, the convention is to place them in mediawiki/extensions/MyExtension, and not by the domain of the organization they're for. Thanks for clarifying, ^demon (talk) 22:28, 21 September 2012 (UTC)

Hi Chad,

thanks for the quick reply. Well, you are right. The repos I requested are for MediaWiki extensions. But they (most of them at least) are especially tailored to the projects requirements. A few might be refactored for general use later (like the Comments fork or the Translation extension) but the main purpose of the repos is to make deployment easier. I might have to explain this in a little more detail :)

The webplatform.org project is hosted by the W3C. Ryan Lane from the WMF has set up the server farm and deployment mechanism. In a mail to one of my colleagues he suggested to add our extensions to the WMF git repo so we can delpoy them more easily using the "salt" toolstack he installed on the projects servers. As I have little to none experience with "salt" and we are on a tight schedule I thought it would be wise to request the repos as soon as possible to meet Ryans suggestion. We have some more things to deploy (i.e. a Wordpress plugin, a Question2Answer auth module and even a whole PiWik codebase) that are not related to MediaWiki and I am not sure if it is okay to add them to the WMF repos. But if it is I thought it might be better to have a project related path.

If you think it would be better to place the repos in mediawiki/extensions that's totaly okay for me. Maybe we also should talk to Ryan, just to make sure I didn't get him wrong.

--Osnard (talk) 14:05, 22 September 2012 (UTC)

Ah ok, this all makes a lot more sense now. Since you'll be adding things that aren't necessarily extensions, this repo structure sounds fine. I'll go ahead and set the repos up now. ^demon (talk) 18:39, 24 September 2012 (UTC)
All your repos are now created. I added rvogel as the owner for all of them. If additional users are needed, they can be added using this page. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ein Bier für dich!


vielen dank für die Hilfe, bei der Erstellung eines MediaWiki GIT Repos! Swidmann (talk) 07:03, 16 April 2013 (UTC)

validatePages with alphabets

2 (talkcontribs)

Dear Developers,

Some journals use alphabetical pages, thus, when this function outputs an error "wrong value!", when I edit the reference.

So I had to edit the code on line 273 of ./includes/BibManagerValidator.php

"/    ^[a-zA-Z0-9\:\=-]*$/" (talkcontribs)
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Impossible to delete entries

Sette-quattro (talkcontribs)

I successfully installed your great extension on wikimedia 1.40.

However, when i try to delete an entry, it says The dataset "" was not found!

I double-checked the admin instructions but I don't understand why it is not working.

Can you help me with that? Thanks!

Osnard (talkcontribs)

Hi! Which extension are you referring to?

Sette-quattro (talkcontribs)
Osnard (talkcontribs)

There is a new version of this extension available

Sette-quattro (talkcontribs)

thank you!!

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Class 'XML' not found

3 (talkcontribs)

I get this error, when using BibManager Tags. Googled and Qwanted a lot, but could not find the reason. Some hint would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.

Here is the complete error trace:

[ea044aa8cdd04b374f0044c2] /index.php/Extension:BibManager_Test Error: Class 'XML' not found


from /var/www/html/extensions/BibManager/includes/BibManagerHooks.php(205)

#0 /var/www/html/includes/parser/Parser.php(3979): BibManagerHooks::onBiblistTag(NULL, array, Parser, PPFrame_Hash)

#1 /var/www/html/includes/parser/PPFrame_Hash.php(353): Parser->extensionSubstitution(array, PPFrame_Hash) (talkcontribs)

The Test page is:

<bib id="Delta" />

<biblist />

Osnard (talkcontribs)

Which version of MediaWiki is used?

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The supplied credentials are not associated with any user on this wiki.

Summary by Zagatonovic

Problem solved.

Zagatonovic (talkcontribs)

Hello, I configured mediawiki v1.35 but still cannot make mediawiki to understand ad login info - The supplied credentials are not associated with any user on this wiki.

Zagatonovic (talkcontribs)

Solved. (talkcontribs)


I am trying to get LDAP Authorization to work with MW 3.1 and PlubbableAuth / SimpleSAMLphp extensions and I was informed you were working on a new version of LDAPAuthorization. Do you have any information about this? Thanks.

Osnard (talkcontribs)


Yes, I am working on a new stack of extensions. Documentation is not 100% done yet, but if you want to give it a try, I'd be happy to support you. (talkcontribs)

I'm interested, but I'm now a bit lost on what extensions I should use. I have PluggableAuth and SimpleSAMLphp extensions, which are working. I want to authorize members of an AD security group called WikiUsers after authentication using the SimpleSAMLphp. I'm assuming I need to remove the existing LDAP_Authorization extension and use LDAPAuthorization instead. It looks like I'll need to install the LDAPProvider as well.

Osnard (talkcontribs)
Sjoerd72 (talkcontribs)

Hello Osnard,

Could you take a look at Topic:Vzrtmvgce317270v please. I replied to the "canExist() error after enable the add on" thread from ip I just created an account to ease communication. Seems to me that $LDAPAuthentication2AllowLocalLogin = true; does something (add a drop-down for logging in locally) but not actually omit the ldap-stack. The PluggableAuth extension log sees we want to log in locally but then logging stops at all resulting in an exception then comes from the LDAPProvider. Adding $wgPluggableAuth_EnableLocalLogin to the LocalSettings.php as well gives weird behavior (two login buttons) but the result using either of those is the same. We are coming from 1.31.1 and went to 1.35 from scratch (removing the old ldap extension and using the new maintained stack). Any help would be highly appreciated. Is there an other place for placing these issues like a official forum/messageboard or something?



Osnard (talkcontribs)

Hi! I will check that other topic you are pointing to. Asking here is just fine.

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Extension:BibManager still being maintained?

BigSmoke (talkcontribs)

Hi, Thanks for your great work on BibManager! Is this extension still being maintained by you or somebody else? Upon installation today, I was confronted with a major show-stopper bug from 2013 which hasn't been resolved yet and due to which entries cannot be edited or deleted. Any chance that you'll continue work on this?

BigSmoke (talkcontribs)

In fact, I could send you a patch, since I just fixed this locally.

Osnard (talkcontribs)

The extension is not maintained actively, sorry. but a patch is always welcome

BigSmoke (talkcontribs)

I will send you the patch this week.

Osnard (talkcontribs)


Osnard (talkcontribs)


Osnard (talkcontribs)

Anything new?

This post was hidden by Osnard (history)
BigSmoke (talkcontribs)

Sorry for never getting back to you in all these years, Osnard. What was left of my MediaWiki projects totally fell off my radar around the last time that I responded and I've never picked these projects back up since. Apologies for my unclean exit!

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MarcoAurelio (talkcontribs)
Osnard (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the hint.

Extension:VisualEditor (BlueSpice)

AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)


Wanted to ask whether Extension:VisualEditor (BlueSpice) can simply be used with vanilla MediaWiki and Vector skin? Or does it have to be used only with BlueSpice version of MediaWiki with its particular skin?


Osnard (talkcontribs)


Yes, you can use BlueSpiceExtensions/VisualEditor with MediaWiki and Vector. But you will also have to install BlueSpiceFoundation. I'd recommend to also activate the "Insert*" extensions (like "InsertFile", "InsertCategory", "InsertLink", ...) from BlueSpiceExtensions. Maybe also "ExtendedEditBar". Be aware that BlueSpiceExtensions/VisualEditor does not integrate very well with WikiEditor.



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Your feedback matters: Final reminder to take the global Wikimedia survey

MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)

(Sorry to write in Engilsh)

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Share your experience and feedback as a Wikimedian in this global survey

MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)
  1. This survey is primarily meant to get feedback on the Wikimedia Foundation's current work, not long-term strategy.
  2. Legal stuff: No purchase necessary. Must be the age of majority to participate. Sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation located at 149 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105. Ends January 31, 2017. Void where prohibited. Click here for contest rules.
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