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ボット (Bot) とは、自動または半自動でページを編集するja:プロセスのことで、人による直接的な監視を不要にしたり減らしたりできるものです。 ボットはサーバーに負荷をかけたり意図せずプロジェクトを破壊したりしてしまう可能性があるため、特別な方針やガイドラインに従う必要があります。 さらに、ボットは大規模な被害を短時間で意図的に与えるために使われる可能性もあるため、許可(ボット"フラグ")がない集中的な編集や、不審な編集は、直ちにブロックされることになります。 通常の(人の)アカウントを用いてボットを実行することは認められないので、ボットはボット専用のアカウントにて実行しなければなりません。一般的に、ボットのアカウント名は末尾に"bot"をつけて運用者のアカウント名をもじったものが使われます(例:User:Robchurchが運用するボットはUser:RobBot)。 MediaWiki.orgは、 meta:Bot policy の方針に総じて従っています。しかし、プロジェクトの進展とともに、利用者の信頼や経験が非常に重要になっています。そして、ボットフラグを付与したり拒否したりする前にほとんど議論が行われない可能性があります。 セキュリティーの観点から、休止中のボットは、即座にフラグが除去される可能性があります。ボットフラグは、そのボットが許可された目的のために比較的高速に記事を編集できることを表すことのみを目的としています。 このプロジェクトは発展途上であり、他のWMFプロジェクトにおける通常の「ルール」—特に開発者向けの—は、ここでは適用されないかもしれません。 上ではボットの用途がいくつかありますが、それはウィキペディアのようなコンテンツベースのWMFプロジェクトとは異なります。 でボットを実行することをお考えの方は、Project:Requests にリクエストを投稿してください。 会話ページやIRCを使ってビューロクラット と直接会話することも可能ですが、新規利用者、経験の浅い利用者、よく知らない利用者からの問い合わせは通常拒否されるでしょう。

A full list of approved ("flagged") bots can be viewed here: Special:Listusers/bot. Note that "MediaWiki default" is the account used internally by the MediaWiki software when it needs to make content changes as part of the installation/upgrade process, and is not a real bot and is not a blockable (although the account has been ostensibly blocked on some projects as an inactive or unapproved bot, this should have no effect). Also note that at times, the bot flag may be used by developers and other highly trusted users as a Flood flag.

Active bots

This list does not include any declared bots that are active but do not have a flag

Bots defined by the software

Inactive bots

Bot inactivity may not mean the bot is not needed, bots belonging to trusted and active users may be inactive for extended periods of time. This list only includes bots that are or were flagged. Bots active elsewhere on Wikimedia Foundation Projects may have SUL accounts on but may have never edited.

Bot flag as a flood flag

Analogous to m:Meta:Flood_flag, these are restricted to developers and other highly trusted users who have a real need for them, these are not bots

Requests for bot jobs

Here are some things that it would be useful to set up a bot to deal with. If adding to this list then please include your signature (~~~~) so that any potential bot writers can contact you for more info if needed:

Requests for ongoing bot jobs

  • A bot that checks all links from this site to meta (both using the meta: interwiki prefix, and by full URL [1]), and if that page is a redirect to replaces the external link with the correct internal one. Ideally (though it's not a requirement) the bot should follow redirects if the meta redirect is out of date. Even more ideally, it would fix meta to skip the redirect too, but perhaps that is too much to ask of a single bot. --HappyDog 19:53, 15 October 2007 (UTC)
  • A bot that checks through all pages that contain Template:SettingSummary and updates Manual:Configuration settings and Manual:Configuration settings (alphabetical). This is probably not quite possible at the moment, due to extra info on the page that shouldn't be lost by an update. If there is someone interested in writing this bot, then we will need to do a bit of a clean-up first, I think. A simple version of the bot would extract the 'summary' field from the individual pages and update the main page with the correct summary. --HappyDog 19:53, 15 October 2007 (UTC)
  • A bot that checks categories of non-English pages (which you can tell by the sub-page part), and if the page is categorised into the English category tree, to fix the category link, so it points to the same place in the appropriate language tree ([[Category:English category name/cc]], where cc is the country code. Or more generally, if it is in the wrong category tree, fix it (as translations may not always come from the English original). --HappyDog 22:10, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

Requests for one off bot jobs

  • Add TNT| to ~200 template transclusions
    • The {{historical}} template had translation markup added, and now breaks in ~200 pages. Fixing it, just requires adding TNT| like this diff for example. Would this be a reasonable bot job? Thanks! (Possibly there are additional now-translatable-templates, which need the same fix? I'm not sure. List 'em if you've got 'em.) Quiddity (WMF) (talk) 21:57, 9 December 2015 (UTC)
  • Replace raw tabbed window markup with templates
    • Special:Search/insource:mw-gadget-tabbedwindow lists the pages which use raw HTML instead of the dedicated templates {{TabbedWindowBegin}} and {{TabbedWindowEnd}}; they should be updated to use the template, both for self-documentation and to make it easier to improve the tabbed window interface in the future. Typically, these are dedicated subpages using the same pattern, so it would involve replacing the first two lines and the last line of the page (but I haven't reviewed if every single page follows the same pattern). Thanks! --Tgr (talk) 02:33, 29 December 2019 (UTC)

Bot permission request archive

At one time bot requests were made here, at some point this moved to Project:Requests and there may have been some overlap. Please do not place requests for bot permissions below, they will not likely be noticed!
  • User:TisaneBot — As a one-off task, create redirects from mainspace to Manual: space for all configuration settings and all hooks. As an ongoing task, fulfill HappyDog's third bot request above. Also, the bot will fix double redirects. Tisane 03:01, 9 June 2010 (UTC)
    This request was apparently overlooked because it was originally placed in the section above for ongoing bot jobs. This page was confusing as it wasn't clear whether the prior sections were for requested bot jobs or for requesting bot flags. The request is more than one year old so I'm closing it as not acted on and it should be reopened at Project:Requests if the operator still wants to run this bot.--Doug.(talk contribs) 12:27, 5 December 2011 (UTC)