Help:Stairtin ae new page

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Thaur's several waas o stairtin ae new page.

Thir can varie based oan the type o page stairtit, aes weel aes the wiki n namespace.

Uisin Wikilinks

MediaWiki maks it awfa easie tae link wiki pages uisin ae staundart syntax (see Help:Links ).

Gif ye (or onie ither bodie) cræft ae link til aen airticle that disna exeest yet, the link will be colored reid, like this.

  • This sample displays that underline style unconditionally. The underline displayed below the text of actual links will normally be hidden by default and made visible only when the link is hovered by the mouse or selected by keyboard navigation, if the wiki (or the user's preferences) uses the default MediaWiki styles.
  • The actual color of links is also dependent on the default wiki styles, and the design of Wiki pages may still override these default colors.

Clapin ae reid link will tak ye til the eedit page fer the new airticle.

Simplie type yer tex, clap hain n the new page will be cræftit.

Yince the page haes been cræftit, the link will chynge fae reid til blue (purple fer pages that ye'v veesitit) indicatin that the airticle nou exeests.

Uisuallie this is the best waa tae cræft ae new page, cause it means that richt fae the stairt, the page will be linkt fae at least yin ither steid oan the wiki (n tipicalie ye'll want tae mesh it intil ither relatit pages later).

Gif ye'r cræftin ae new page wioot cræftin onie link til it, ye micht need tae thik til yersel: Dis this page reallie fit in wi the topeecs awreadie covered in the wiki?

Foreby, hou ar ye expectin veesiters tae fynd this page?

Normallie thaur's nae raison tae cræft ae page wioot first cræftin ae reid link til it.

Fae the rake page

Gif ye rake fer ae page that disna exeest, than ye'll be gien ae link fer tae cræft the new page.

Uisin the URL

Ye can uise the wiki's URL fer tae cræft ae new page.

The URL til aen airticle o the wiki is uisuallie sommit like this:

  •    or

Gif ye replace ARTICLE wi the name o the page that ye wish tae cræft, than ye'll be taen til ae blank page that indicates that nae airticle o that name exeests yet.

Clapin the "Eedit" page tab at the tap o the page will tak ye til the eedit page fer that airticle, whaur ye can cræft the new page bi typin yer tex, n clapin haun in.

Using article creation template

This method requires Extension:InputBox to be installed.

Copy the following text into a page in the wiki:

buttonlabel=Create new article
default=(Article title)

This generates a box where users can simply type the article title and generate a page with that name.

This allows unexperienced editors to easily create pages.

Cræft reguidals til yer new page

Dinna ferget tae set up reguidals whan ye cræft ae page.

Gif ye think anither person micht rake fer the page that ye'v cræftit bi uisin ae differant name or speelin, please cræft the richt reguidal(s).

See Help:Redirects .

Protectin yer new page

Normallie ae new wiki page can be eeditit bi ither fawk (that's yin o the main ideas o ae wiki!)

Houever, aen admeen coud protect the page, gif desired, tae stap normal uisers eeditin it.