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皮肤定义了 MediaWiki 界面的外观和感觉。尽管外观和感觉随皮肤变化,不过一般而言所有的皮肤都有相同的界面组件。同一个界面组件在每个皮肤中可能显示不同,例如不一样的颜色或在页面上位置不同。

To try out the available skins and change skin, click on the my preferences link while logged in, then click on the "皮肤" tab. You can preview the available skins before choosing them, by clicking on the "预览" link next to each skin.


另请参阅 $wgDefaultSkin#Available skins

MediaWiki 默认包含了下列皮肤:

您可以选择自己喜欢的皮肤,记住在一些 wiki 中会合并模板或布局元素,这样它们不会显示在一些皮肤中。一般说来,Vector(或 wiki 的默认皮肤)能确保您看到期望的页面。


Users familiar with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can customize the current skin's file by creating a subpage of their userpage and naming it after the skin plus a .css suffix, "User:Yourname/vector.css" for example. CSS placed in this sheet overrides the skin's CSS. This requires your site admin to have enabled this feature.