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机器人是一种计算机程序,它可以在执行时自动获取或更新 wiki 页面。 In general, bots are used for repetitive maintenance tasks, whose volume and characteristics are too large to be performed manually by users.

开发和运行机器人程序通常都不属于普通用户的角色范畴,这需要编程经验,并且必须在 wiki 管理员的协助下才能完成。



机器人不使用普通的图形用户界面来访问 wiki。 MediaWiki has an API (Application Programming Interface) available for this purpose. An API is a protocol for standardized communication between two computer programs. Check API:客户端代码 for more information.

要通过 API 访问 wiki,机器人必须有一个已被授予了 'bot' 权限的用户帐户。


Pywikibot provides a framework for the development of bots, which are commonly used to perform maintenance tasks such as adding a footer to some categorized pages ( ), adding some wikilinks ( ), moving old contents of talk pages to subpages ( ), editing categories ( ), or managing templates ( ).


wiki-java是一个轻量级的 Java 机器人/应用程序框架,它可被用来执行多种任务,如:上传文件,在文章中添加文本,解析模板,基本 I/O,等等。 The library also comes with simple, but powerful standalone bot methods that can be readily utilized by a programmer.

Chris G's botclasses

Chris G's botclasses compose a PHP MediaWiki bot framework hosted at the toolserver.