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Git ye un programa de control de versiones distribuíu que permite a los usuarios descargase la ultimísima versión d'una rama ensin tener qu'esperar por dalguién que pase a empaquetala. MediaWiki lliberaráse más rápido, y sedrá más fácil anovar una instalación, desfacer un anovamientu, o [$bugzilla unviar parches]. (Por supuesto, recuerda que siempre les versiones estables oficiales son menos arriesgaes.) It allows you to download the very latest version of the source code, with all the branches and tagged releases at your disposal.

You should download from Git if you are a developer and want to submit patches.

If you do not want to develop but only install MediaWiki and extensions, then download stable tarball releases instead.

Mira Git pa mayores detalles; en particular, pa collaborar. Más abaxo hai delles instrucciones rápides pa un par de xeres comúnes.


Has tener Git instaláu antes de poder usalu. Hai munches maneres distintes de facese con Git, dependiendo del to sistema operativu. Pa la fonte y los binarios oficiales, mira en [$link]. Pa maneres alternatives d'instalar Git, usa'l to buscador favoritu p'alcontrar les instrucciones pal to sistema operativu. Follow Gerrit/Tutorial#Set up Git, or use your favorite search engine.

Recomiéndase que tengas Composer instaláu pa descargar ya instalar biblioteques de terceros, pero nun ye imprescindible.

Usar Git pa descargar MediaWiki


Puedes descargar el noyu de MediaWiki usando Git, lo mesmo que toles estensiones instalaes anguaño nel clúster de sirvidores de la Fundación Wikimedia y munches más estensiones agospiaes en gerrit .

El primer pasu ye clonar el repositoriu del noyu de MediaWiki. Esto pué tardar un ratu.

Descargar pa desendolcu

The latest development version of MediaWiki is tracked in the 'master' branch.

Si tienes una cuenta de desendolcador (que ye fácil de solicitar), en llugar de clonar de mou anónimu con https tendríes de clonar col to "<nome d'usuariu>" ssh pa que puedas unviar cambios a revisión:

Nuna ventana de terminal, escribe'l siguiente comandu:

git clone ssh://<NOME D'USUARIU> mediawiki

Esto clona tol repositoriu principal de MediaWiki, sincronizáu cola caña maestra, nun subdirectorio llamáu mediawiki.

To install into a different directory, change that in the command line (for more info refer to these docs). Once the repository is cloned, you can switch to different branches or tags. The development branch, master, is the cutting-edge, developer version of MediaWiki; you should not use master code for production under any circumstances as it is not considered stable.

Download a stable branch

Esto fai un clon completu del repositoriu del nucleu de MediaWiki, que de forma predeterminada apunta a la caña 1.40, nun subdireutoriu llamáu $dir.

git clone --branch REL1_40 mediawiki

If you have a slow internet connection and want to reduce the number of revisions that are cloned, add --depth=1 to the git clone command.

Etiquetes de MediaWiki (versión estable)

Alternatively, specific stable versions of MediaWiki are tracked using 'tags'. These are analogous to the tarball releases. Currently, these are 1.40.1 (stable), 1.39.5 (LTS) and 1.35.13 (legacy LTS).

You can see all available tags with:

git tag -l | sort -V

To use a specific tag, e.g. the latest stable release:

git checkout 1.40.1

Update the Git submodules

The branches and tags have a bunch of Git submodules in them, for commonly-used extensions and skins and for the vendor/ directory. The master branch does not have these. To update the submodules, run:

cd mediawiki
git submodule update --init --recursive

Trayer biblioteques esternes

MediaWiki utiliza Composer p'alministrar les biblioteques de PHP esternes, toles cuales terminen nel direutoriu vendor/ del direutoriu de MediaWiki.

Pa instalar estes biblioteques necesaries, puedes escoyer:

  • Descarga ya instala'l PHAR composer, opcionalmente, camuda'l nome del ficheru composer.phar como s'indica para'l to sistema operativu y depués executa composer update --no-dev dende'l to direutoriu MediaWiki. Esta ye la forma de faelo que s'encamienta.
    • If the default PHP CLI version does not match the web server's PHP version, specify it with e.g. php7.4 composer.phar update --no-dev.
  • Or, if you don't want to use Composer or if you want to use the exact same set of vendor libraries as used on the WMF production cluster, you can instead create a vendor/ directory inside the core folder of your MediaWiki installation:
    • With your developer account, use this command: git clone ssh://<USERNAME>
    • For anonymous checkout, use this command: git clone
    • Note that if any of your extensions have their own Composer requirements, then you cannot use this option.

Antes de MediaWiki 1.25, les biblioteques esternes guardábense nel repositoriu principal, y nun se precisaba nengún xestor de paquetes.

Caltener actualizao

If you're using a particular branch or the development version ("master" branch) of MediaWiki, picking up the latest changes is relatively easy. Change into your MediaWiki clone directory and issue this command:

git pull

All of the latest changes for the branch you are using will be applied.

The new version of core may require newer versions of extensions and skins, so you must go into each extension and skin directory and update it with a command like git pull --recurse-submodules.

You also need to update vendor/ with any newer versions of required libraries. This often means running the following Composer command, but see #Fetch external libraries above for more details:

composer update --no-dev

After updating/upgrading the code and required libraries you should run the MediaWiki update.php command-line script to update database tables as needed:

php maintenance/update.php

If you use MediaWiki-Vagrant , it offers a single command, vagrant git-update, that performs all these steps.

Cambiar a una versión distinta

Each of our versions are tracked as branches or tags. In order to switch to a different version (for example from the master branch to a different branch or tag), checkout the particular branch or tag you want from within your MediaWiki clone directory:

git checkout <nome de la caña>


git checkout <nome de la etiqueta>

Los cambeos van aplicase automáticamente y tarás preparáu dafechu pa trabayar.

Usar Git pa descargar estensiones de MediaWiki

Llista d'estensiones en git

Descargar una estensión

<EXT> tien de reemplazase pol nome de la estensión que quieras descargar, ensin espacios. Pa la Extension:TitleKey , sería TitleKey. (¡respetando mayúscules y minúscules!)

Descarga y clonáu d'una estensión dende Git:

With your developer account, use these commands to get the master branch:

cd /path/to/extensions
git clone ssh://<USERNAME><EXT>

For anonymous checkout of the stable branch instead, use these commands:

cd /path/to/extensions
git clone<EXT> --branch REL1_40

Pués ver el códigu fonte de la estensión na aplicación gitiles de Gerrit y na URL:<EXT>/+/refs/heads/master

Descargar toles estensiones

Si prefieres tener toles estensiones de MediaWiki qu'hai en descargaes na to máquina, escribi lo siguiente:

With your developer account, to get the master branch:

git clone ssh://<USERNAME>

For anonymous checkout of the stable branch instead, use this command:

git clone --branch REL1_40

After running the git clone command, continue with these commands:

cd /path/to/extensions
git submodule update --init --recursive

Dempués d'esto, p'anovar toles estensiones a les sos últimes versiones d'esa caña, namái escribi:

cd /path/to/extensions
git pull
git submodule update --init --recursive

Para camudar a una caña distinta, como tres d'una nueva versión:

git submodule foreach 'git checkout -b REL1_39 origin/REL1_39 || :'

Remember that you should only use versions of extensions from the same release as that version of MediaWiki and each other.

Para siguir la caña principal:

git submodule foreach 'git checkout -b origin/master || :'

Please note that you should not use master code for production under any circumstances as it is not considered stable.

If you only need a read-only checkout (for instance to grep or analyse all MediaWiki code), you can use the shared MediaWiki checkout on Labs, without downloading anything on your machines.

Desaniciar una estensión

  1. Remove the "require_once …" or "wfLoadExtension( … )" from LocalSettings.php
  1. Remove any line referencing the extension in composer.local.json (usually in the "extra → merge-plugin → include" section)
  1. Remove the extension's directory in install-dir/extensions/

Usar Git pa descargar pieles de MediaWiki

Llista de pieles en git

MediaWiki 1.24 y posteriores nun incluyen pieles na descarga per Git.

Follow the exact same procedure as for extensions (described in the previous section), but using skins rather than extensions in all URLs and paths.

Detailed installation instructions are available on each skin's page here on, for example see Skin:Vector#Installation. Instructions for all other skins are analogous.

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