WikiHunt the 'Property': Wikidata Outreach Initiative

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Public URL: Complete Proposal here

Bugzilla report: Bugzilla report for Wikidata Outreach

Announcement: Wikidata Outreach Project announcement

Name and contact information Edit

Name: Anjali Sharma
IRC handle: discoveranjali on IRC

Web Page / Blog / Microblog / Portfolio
Mediawiki User Profile: Discoveranjali
Linkedin: Anjali Sharma

Resume: Detailed Resume here
Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India (UTC+05:30)
Typical working hours: Daily average of 8-10 working hours, ideally between 10 am - 4 pm (IST) and 10 pm - 2 am (IST)

Synopsis Edit

Wikidata : ‘A Game-Changer for Wikipedia and Beyond’ as it claims, is a brand new initiative of Wikimedia foundation. Centralised integration of entire sum of knowledge accessible to all is its unique vision. This seeks quality expertise and contributions of millions of contributors and open source enthusiasts.However, despite its exceptional vision, the project launched in 2012 is yet to create a high profile of its own, thus, failing to gain the needed amount and pace of quality contributions to the work. The focus therefore needs to be diverted to an agile methodology of development parallel to a large scale outreach program as the quality and quantity of contributions becomes an integral component of Wikidata success.

This proposal as a work for the Outreach Program for Women, aims to render innovative approaches and ideas to create targeted and efficient outreach for the Wikidata project. The primary idea I propose here, besides documentation improvement and social media campaigning, is creation of a mobile application WikiHunt the ‘Property’ to attract contributions from mobile users in a fun filled environment. In the later phase of the project, this application shall be extended to create a facebook application and desktop application as well.

Possible mentors Edit
Lydia Pintscher

Deliverables Edit

The core features I plan to accomplish and deliver in this internship period include ( details mentioned in my detailed proposal ):

  • Creation of vedio tutorials and screen snapshots for help pages
  • Complete Designing (including wireframing, usecases etc.) of the proposed mobile application WikiHunt the 'Property'
  • Make the documentation theme-based (story-telling format)
  • Create multimedia content and quizzes for social networking sites
  • Introducing questionnaire section in help page [Optional]
  • Introducing rating option on Items pages [Optional]

Timeline Edit

Task Duration (in days) Start Date End Date
Community bonding, reading documentation, planning out and discussing finer details of the project 15 22nd April 5th May
Discussion of Software Development approach. Fundamental work on Use Cases, Class diagrams and Wire-frame model 13 6th May 18th May
Official OPW Internship Period Begins
Formal investigation of ideas for Documentation improvement 3 19th May 21st May
Mobile application idea write-up and mock-up preparation 2 22nd May 23rd May
Multimedia content development for social network presence appeal; work on Documentation enhancement 7 23rd May 30th May
Sign-off from mentor (idea and plan verification) 2 26th May 27th May
Evaluating various high level mobile app development frameworks available and selecting the appropriate one 3 28th May 30th May
Learning about the framework finalized; Discussion with community 12 31st May 11th Jun
Application Design implementation; Simultaneous detailed procedure write-up for the Design phase 17 12th Jun 30th Jun
Video tutorials and snapshots to assist Wikidata help pages 14 1st Jul 14th Jul
Application Design Alpha-testing; Community feedback and improvement 5 15th Jul 21st Jul
Application Design Beta-testing; Community feedback and improvement 7 22nd Jul 29th Jul
Final feedback, improvement and documentation; Introduction of rating feature in Item pages (optional) 20 30th Jul 18th Aug

Participation Edit

I am an Information Technology student. Thus technology always attracts me. Also, creative work is my passion. Creative writing, paper craft, innovative experimentation with images, videos is my niche. Thus, an amalgam of technological work with creative content to work on is definitely the best to drive out the best in me. I have been President of School Parliament, President of School Literary Club and am currently a member of the Technical Club of IIIT-Allahabad (India). Thereby, I can assure of my sound leadership skills. Besides, I have good communication and writing skills as well which perhaps are greatly demanded for 'Wikidata Outreach'.

Communication of Progress Edit

  • Email : I shall keep mentors updated of my regular work through direct updates via emails
  • Mailing List : It will be used to communicate progress regularly
  • IRC Channel : I shall be available during working hours at IRC channel
  • Blog : I shall keep my blog updated with regular updates of my work, ideas and helpful posts.
  • Helping newbies through Wikidata contributions via IRC shall be a part of my daily work as well.

Publication of Work Edit

  • Illustrative content developed shall be demonstrated in through Google Docs.
    For instance, my initial draft for illustrative outreach ideas can be found here.
  • Developed presentations on Slideshare and videos on Youtube shall be published for community feedback

Ask for help Edit

  • Self-research (initially) through available documentation, articles and blog posts
  • Asking the community at IRC channel for help
  • Posting queries to the relevant mailing lists or through direct emails to the mentor

About you Edit

  • Education in progress Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree(3rd year) in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India.
  • I have a coding experience in C, C++ and Java. My areas of interest are Data Mining, software architecture and design patterns.
  • I have a passion for creative stuff specially paper craft and painting.
  • I have been driven into the promising arena of Open Source in recent past. I have started my journey as a Wikidata contributor and hope to make significant contributions to the community in near future.
  • I came to know about this program through my brother who is a GSoC alumni. Later I researched about the program on gnome website and via lurking on #opw and #gnome IRC channels.
  • Other time commitments I shall be available full time from 19th May to 19th July working more than 45 hours a week. My college reopens then, so I shall have classes, but I assure to be available and working an average of 35 hours a week then. I shall strive to accomplish the most significant phase and majority of my project work prior to the end of my summer vacations.
  • I am only applying to Outreach Program for Women. Despite being an Information Technology student, I plan to work on this non-coding project this summer as the project prospects sync with my passion for creativity and writing skills.

Past experience Edit

Please describe your experience with any other FOSS projects as a user and as a contributor

I am a newbie to Open source community and this is my first-hand effort to contribution to a FOSS. For the 'Wikidata Outreach' project, therefore, I have done a number of edits to the page adding new items, labels, descriptions and contributing to translations in Hindi.

A list of my contributions can be found at: Wikidata User page
Some Illustrative outreach ideas as a part of my initial contribution to the project are available here

Please describe any relevant projects that you have worked on previously and what knowledge you gained from working on them (include links)

I list of my projects and their description can be found in my resume here

I learned the technique of technical writing (as relevant to this project) writing project descriptions and reviews. I had a first-hand experience of developing an Android application. My projects mainly have been on data mining and so developing algorithms to find patterns in data was also an important lesson. Software Engineering projects taught me to professionally accomplish the design phase of a software (as I aim to do in this project) developing wireframes, usecases, object and collaboration diagrams etc.

Any other info Edit

Here is a link to my first blog. I am working to populate it with interesting content about 'Wikidata'. You can have a look of it here :
Link to my Wikidata profile:

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