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Since 2017, VisualEditor provides visual diffs (visual difference displays). These are available in two places in the interface: when previewing changes to the document before the user saves the page, and (as a beta feature) within the standard MediaWiki diff display, accessed from the history page. In both cases, the visual diff shows up alongside the traditional two-column wikitext diff, and the user can toggle between the two displays.

Porównania wizualne przeważają nad porównaniami wikikodu w dwóch kwestiach. Pierwsza to to, że można podejrzeć zmiany bez konieczności rozumienia wikikodu. Bardzo jest to pomocne, gdy oglądane są zmiany w strukturach graficznych takich jak tabele - na przykład - jeżeli usunięto kolumnę w tabeli, porównanie wikikodu będzie trudne do rozpoznania, podczas gdy porównanie wizualne będzie oczywiste do zrozumienia. The first is that editors can directly see the changes they and others have made without needing to understand wikitext. This is particularly helpful when looking at changes to graphical structures such as tables; for example, if an edit deletes a column from a table, the wikitext diff for it would be hard to understand, while the visual diff would be immediately obvious.

The second is that the technology can be used to more accurately represent the change to the reader. For example, if an edit swapped two paragraphs (with or without changes to the paragraphs), the visual diff will identify that this is what occurred, while a wikitext diff makes it appear that a paragraph was deleted and an entirely new paragraph was added.

Most of the examples and screenshots below are about using visual diffs during page previews when editing. However, VisualEditor's visual diffs can also be used on regular diff pages, on any wiki that has VisualEditor installed. You can see an example of it in use on the English-language Wikipedia here.

For wikis that have VisualEditor, there are several ways to activate this visual diff display:

  • Add the following to LocalSettings.php:
$wgVisualEditorEnableDiffPage = true;
  • If your wiki has a "Beta features" tab within Special:Preferences, and you want to make visual diffs an "opt-in" feature for users, you can add the following to LocalSettings.php:
$wgVisualEditorEnableDiffPageBetaFeature = true;
  • As seen in the Wikipedia example linked above, the visual diff mode can also be activated by simply adding "&visualdiff" to the URL of a diff page.

Jak to działa

Kiedy skończysz edytować stronę, wpisz opis zmian i kliknij "Skontroluj swoje zmiany". W trybie wizualnym, tekst dodany, usunięty, nowe linki i formatowanie są podświetlane. Inne zmiany, takie jak na przykład zmiana rozmiaru zdjęcia, są opisane w komentarzach z boku.
Kliknij przyciski przełączające między porównaniem wizualnym i wikikodu.
Porównanie wikikodu wygląda tak samo jak w zwykłym edytorze wikitekstu i historii strony.



Thalia Chan, Unifying editing and visual diffs, Wikimania 2017

Obecne ograniczenia

  • No notices for changes to "invisible" page metadata , such as categories or TOC keywords.
  • Has issues with complex changes to tables.[3]
  • Unavailable on certain special pages:
    • Undo "diff" pages.[4]
    • Edit conflict pages[5]


This feature has been available as the first diff tool in the desktop VisualEditor from the 1.31.0-wmf-20 branch onwards (released to Wikimedia production on 6 February 2018). Before that, it was a secondary tool from the 1.29.0-wmf-17 branch onwards (released to Wikimedia production on 21 March 2017).

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