The Extension Matrix provides an overview of the extensions on this site. Note that this list is by no means exaustive: it only covers pages in the Extension namespace that use Template:Extension. There may be some more in Category:Extensions, most older ones in meta:Category:MediaWiki extensions, and several extension in SVN are not listed anywhere else - not to speak of things forgotton on some userpage somewhere.

The Extension Matrix is maintained by User:Duesentrieb, updated every now and then. Any changes you make below will be lost on the next update. So please don't edit here, edit the extension's page. If you would like something to be changed about the content or format of the matrix, please put your suggestion on the talk page.

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Page Status Type MW Version Version (Date) Author
Pg. Updated Description (Links)
AIM Button unknown parser MW 1.5. X 1.0    
10 February 2007 Render AIM Button showing users online status
Add Article to Category stable unknown MW 1.8 + 0.1.9   Liang Chen The BiGreat  
18 March 2007 It is able to add an inputbox(for create new article) to each category page. The content of new page will contain "[[:category:]]" automatically. (Links: Extension:Add Article to Category and HERE )
Add Button unknown unknown    
18 March 2007 Adds buttons to the edit toolbar. (Links: )
AddPageService stable unknown MW 1.8.2, 1.9.1 1.0.1   Fernando Correia  
14 February 2007 Web service to add pages to the wiki. (Links: Fernando Correia )
AfterEdit unknown Hook MW 1.8.2 1.0   user:jldupont  
10 March 2007 Creates a new MW hook AfterEdit triggered after page edition/submission. (Links: [1] )
AfterEditRedirect unknown unknown MW 1.8.2 tested   user:jldupont  
18 March 2007 Provides the capability to specify a page for redirect after the completion of an "edit/submit" operation.
Ajax Show Editors unknown unknown MW created on 1.10 (r19554)   fr:User:Hashar  
4 March 2007 Show who is editing a page you are editing. (Links: svn README )
Ajax RatingScript Unobtrusive released unknown MW 1.6.8 + 1.9.3(new) 1.5   B.Vahrmeijer  
19 March 2007 Ajax script with 2 to 10 stars Review/Rating possibilities (Links: Download at none none Download at
Amazon Associate Ads unknown unknown MW 1.8.2 and up 1   Rovo  
22 January 2007 This extension allows you to add Amazon associate ads to wiki pages.
Applet Extension beta parser 0.1   Sancho McCann  
13 March 2007 Allows applet tags. (Links: applet.tar.gz Flight Computer)
ArticleEx unknown hook MW tested on 1.8.2 and 1.9.3   user:jldupont  
14 March 2007 Extends the Mediawiki Article Class to provide serving pages without skin and addressed through explicit 'type' information. (Links: [2] )
ArticleCache stable other MW tested 1.8.2 and 1.9.3 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 This extension provides article content caching, recursive (bottom-up) article search within a namespace and easy interface for getting article content. (Links: [3] )
ArticleComments beta parser MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.2   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
8 March 2007 Inserts blog-like comment forms into articles. (Links: ArticleComments.php ArticleComments Test Page)
Ascii Translit Extension unknown unknown MW created on 1.6.8 0.0.2   User:Vitas  
28 December 2006 Human readable URL while title contains non-Ascii chars. (Links: .tgz )
Assert Edit unknown unknown   Steve Sanbeg  
29 November 2006 Adds edit assersions, for safer bot edits. (Links: SourceForge )
AuthDrupal unknown unknown MW 1.9.3 0.3   Mitch Schwenk, Maarten van Dantzich  
20 March 2007 Uses Drupal as signin master (Links: this page )
AuthorRestriction stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2,1.9.3 1.0    
16 March 2007 Adds 'read' level permission on a per-page basis. (Links: [4] )
Bad Image List stable special MW 1.7.0 or later 1.0   Rob Church  
24 February 2007 Administration interface for the bad image list (Links: from Subversion )
BibleRef unknown parser   Matt Dolan  
22 March 2007 Allows you to easily link Bible references to the Bible text at
BibliaVulgata unknown parser 1.0   Marjorie Burghart  
10 February 2007 Links a Bible reference to the text of the latin Vulgata Clementina at Vulsearch
Bibtex unknown parser MW 1.5 0.9.1    
10 February 2007 Display of bibtex formatted references.
BlockTitles unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
9 December 2006 allows users to block the creation or editing of articles with certain title names (Links: via SVN )
Boilerplate Extension unknown unknown MW 1.6.8 0.0.2   User:RouslanZenetl  
18 March 2007 Load boilerplate text for a brand new page. (Links: User:RouslanZenetl User:RouslanZenetl )
bookmarking beta unknown MW tested on 1.9.1 0.1   wikipug  
6 March 2007 Create a social bookmarking strip (currently supports (Links: Copy from page
BreadCrumbs unknown unknown MW > 1.9 0.1   Manuel Schneider  
22 March 2007 Shows the users path through the wiki. (Links: download README CHANGELOG )
CalcII Extension beta unknown MW from 1.6.6 0.0.2   Peter Lehmacher, translated by Patrick  
10 February 2007 Insert a JavaScript-Calculator to a page. (Links: Peter Lehmacher Peter Lehmacher )
CategoryCloud beta parser,pfunc MW 1.7.0 0.3.0   Dylan R. E. Moonfire  
26 February 2007 Generates a tag cloud from all sub-categories in a given category. (Links: MfGames SVN
CategoryTree stable parser MW 1.8 (revision 16385 or later)   Duesentrieb  
18 March 2007 Provides a dynamic view of the wiki's category structure as a tree. (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
CharInsert unknown parser   Brion Vibber  
18 March 2007 Enables the creation of JavaScript character insert boxes.
CheckUser stable special MW 1.5   Tim Starling, Aaron Schulz  
17 March 2007 CheckUser function allows a user with permissions to check which IPs are used by a given username and which usernames are used by a given IP, without having to run queries directly against the database by hand. (Links: SVN Aaron Schulz)
Climate Crisis AIT Pledge Widget stable parser MW 1.8 and up 1.01 (2007-03-13)   PatrikRoy  
18 March 2007 Allows insertion of the AIT Pledge Widget in a MediaWiki page. (Links: Script:Aitpw.php
Colorize stable parser MW 1.5+ 0.1   Javier Valcarce García (javier.valcarce @  
21 March 2007 Makes text to appear more fun (Links:
ConditionalShow stable Hook MW tested on (1.8.2, 1.9.3) but should be ok for >=1.8.2 1.3   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enables conditionally showing a wikitext section. (Links: [5] )
ConditionalTemplate stable pfunc MW tested on 1.8.2 but should be ok for >=1.8.2 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enables the conditional execution of a template. (Links: [6] )
ContactPage beta special MW 1.9 (maybe older versions too)   Duesentrieb  
15 February 2007 contact form for visitors (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
CreateArticle beta parser MW tested on version 1.6.9 0.91 beta   Lisa Ridley  
21 March 2007 Article creation inputbox (Links: CreateArticle/sourcecode )
CrudeProtection experimental unknown 1.0   Mark Clements (HappyDog)  
15 March 2007 Adds a very crude per-page protection mechanism. (Links: HappyDog )
DatabaseFetchObject experimental hook MW > 1.6.0 1.0   User:Nad  
5 March 2007 Dynamically adds a new hook to intercept database row requests (Links: User:Nad )
Desysop stable special   Andrew Garrett  
8 March 2007 Gives bureaucrats the ability to revoke sysop access. (Links: SVN )
DisallowAccessOnCategory beta unknown MW 1.9.0 0.1   User:Mati  
15 March 2007 Restrict Access to pages based on their category (Links: no readme or changelog so far )
DynamicPageList (DPL) beta parser,pfunc MW 1.7 and later 0.9.9   IlyaHaykinson, Unendlich,
Dangerville, Algorithmix  
18 March 2007 Create lists of other articles based on their category, namespace, title, references or template usage
and include contents of those articles into your page. (Links: from DPL website sample report on countries)
DynamicPageList2 unknown parser MW 1.5 0.5?   IlyaHaykinson, Amgine  
17 March 2007 Outputs a bulleted list of items residing in a category or a union of several categories, with filtering, selection, and display options. (Links: DynamicPageList.php (Wikimedia SVN) )
DynamicPageList2 beta parser MW 1.8.2 0.8.1   Unendlich, Dangerville, Amgine, IlyaHaykinson  
16 March 2007 Older version of DynamicPageList. Generates dynamic article list using logical operations on categories/namespaces and much more display options. (Links: SVN )
EditAttributesAction stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2,1.9.3 1.0    
16 March 2007 Provides a definable user-friendly access to page attributes. (Links: [7] )
Emailtag unknown unknown MW >=1.6.0 0.1   Tino Reichardt  
9 December 2006 Adds a tag to display e-mail addresses as images (to avoid spam). (Links: emailtag.tar.bz2 README )
Emoticons Extension stable hook 1.0   Alex Wollangk (  
13 March 2007 Enable forum-style emoticon (smiley) replacement within MediaWiki.
EnforceStrongPassword beta Security enhancement 0.2   Ger Apeldoorn  
14 March 2007 Enforces a strong password.
Enscript unknown unknown MW Tested on 1.8.2. 0.2   Yedidia Klein  
28 February 2007 Syntax highlight code using GNU Enscript (Links: Enscript.php )
Expand After unknown pfunc MW created on 1.8.2. 0.0.1   User:Vitas  
13 February 2007 Allows to expand content in <tags> in templates.
ExpandCss stable unknown MW 1.6.x+ 1.0.0   User:Ennox  
21 February 2007 Expand the CSS Styles for your wiki without own skin (Links: User:Ennox )
Expandable tables beta hook MW > 1.6.0 1.1   User:Nad  
13 March 2007 Allows expandable/collapsable tables to be created similar to WikiNews (Links: User:Nad )
Farmer unknown unknown MW > 1.8.2 0.0.2   Gregory Szorc  
19 February 2007 Manage a MediaWiki farm as well as make configuration changes via a web interface. (Links: svn Farmer )
FaviconLink unknown unknown 1.0   user:FlappySocks  
8 February 2007 Grabs the Favicon from the site your linking to, and puts it in front of the link
FilterTitles unknown Hook MW 1.8.2 1.0   user:jldupont  
10 March 2007 Add blog tools to a MW installation.
FlashMP3 beta parser v0.9   Matthias Korn  
13 March 2007 Plays mp3-files in an embedded Flash-player (Links: see Code Tookoo @ RiC Wiki)
Flickrm unknown unknown MW 1.7 0.1   Juan Felipe Alvarez Saldarriaga  
13 March 2007 Special page to show your Flickr photos. (Links: Flickrm Extension,
Flickrm Special Page )
FormTools unknown Hook MW 1.8.2 1.0   user:jldupont  
10 March 2007 Enables the processing of posted HTML forms in MediaWiki.
FormatEmail unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
9 December 2006 Allows custom headers/footers to be added to user to user emails. (Links: via SVN )
FreeMind beta unknown MW >1.5 unknown    
13 March 2007 Displays FreeMind MindMaps as flash or java applet with full navigation. (Links: FreeMind CVS FreeMind Extension)
Gadu-Gadu Indicator unknown parser MW 1.9. X 0.1   Piotr A. Wasiak  
16 March 2007 gadu-gadu button showing users online status
Gallery2wiki unknown unknown MW ? 2.1.2   Andres Obrero  
13 March 2007 ? (Links: )
GeoRSS Extension unknown unknown 0.1   Mikel Maron  
13 March 2007 An easy geotagging interface, with GeoRSS syndication. (Links: see below )
Google Custom Search Engine unknown unknown MW 1.7.1 0.1   User:BiGreat  
3 February 2007 A extension helps you adding a Google Custom Search Engine (Google Co-op) to your MediaWiki site. (Links: User:BiGreat )
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Compatibility
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Developers
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Editor's Map
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Installation
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Languages
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Old versions
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Syntax
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:Google Maps/Usage
Google Sitemap Extension unknown unknown MW 1.7.1 0.0.5   User:Francois.Boutines  
20 March 2007 Adds a special page to create meaningful Google Sitemaps. (Links: User:Francois.Boutines User:Francois.Boutines )
Google AdSense unknown unknown MW 1.8.2 and up 1.2   Paul Gu  
5 February 2007 This extension allows you add google search, google text ads with different google channels. (Links: )
Google Calendar unknown / XSS alert unknown MW 1.8.2 and up   Kasper Souren  
22 March 2007 This extension allows you add Google Calendar to wiki pages" (Links: )
Group Based AccessControl unknown unknown MW 1.6.8 and higher 0.7   Martin Müller  
1 March 2007 Extension to restrict access to specific pages based on groups. (Links: here )
Guestbook unknown unknown MW >=1.6.0 0.5   Tino Reichardt  
18 March 2007 Adds a guestbook as a specialpage. (Links: gbook.tar.bz2 README )
HTMLets stable parser MW 1.9 (maybe older versions too)   Duesentrieb  
19 February 2007 lets you inline HTML snippets from files (Links: svn (browse), bundle log )
HTTPGet experimental unknown MW Tested on 1.8.2. 0.1   Yedidia Klein  
20 March 2007 Perform http request and show it inside your Wiki (Links: HTTPGet.php )
Header Footer unknown hook MW tested on 1.8.2 and 1.9.3   user:jldupont  
11 March 2007 inserts an header and/or footer to an article upon a 'view' action. The inserted pages are configurable on a per-namespace basis. (Links: [8] )
Hierarchical Namespace Permissions stable Hook MW tested on 1.8.2, 1.9.3 1.2   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Provides an hierarchical namespace permissions system (aka "prefixes") to Mediawiki without changes to the base installation nor creation of new database tables. (Links: [9] )
Hierarchy stable unknown MW 1.8, 1.9 1.1.0   Fernando Correia  
8 March 2007 Creates a hierarchical page navigation structure. (Links: Code View )
Highlight stable parser MW 1.5 and up Rev. 19659   Brion Vibber  
5 March 2007 Allows source code to be syntax highlighted on the wiki pages. (Links: SVN README )
HttpAuth unknown unknown MW 1.5 and up .7a   Jeremiah Orem  
14 February 2007 Automatically authenticates from Apache HttpAuth credentials. (Links: )
ICQ Button unknown Parser MW 1.5. X 1.0    
10 February 2007 Render ICQ Button showing users online status
ImageMap unknown unknown MW 1.9+   Tim Starling  
14 March 2007 HTML image maps (Links: Subversion )
ImportFreeImages unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
13 March 2007 Allows users to import properly licensed photos directly into their wiki from flickr. (Links: via SVN )
ImportUsers Extension beta parser MW 1.6.8 0.0.3   RouslanZenetl, YuriyIlkiv  
20 March 2007 Import users in bulk from a CSV file. (Links: RouslanZenetl RouslanZenetl )
Jabber Button unknown Parser MW 1.5. X 0.0    
10 February 2007 Render Jabber Button showing users online status
KML Export stable special MW 1.9+ 1.1.0   Juliano Ravasi  
21 March 2007 Generates KML files for Google Earth from content in article pages. (Links: Project page KML Export at
KeepYourHandsToYourself beta hook MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher 0.1   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
17 March 2007 Prevents user from editing other users pages and subpages. (Links: KeepYourHandsToYourself.php )
KidsEditor unknown unknown MW ? ?   Mihu  
18 March 2007 ? (Links: ? )
LDAP Authentication stable unknown MW 1.6+ for 1.1d, 1.5+ for 1.0h 1.1d, 1.0h   Ryan Lane  
14 March 2007 Provides LDAP authentication, and some authorization functionality for MediaWiki (Links: see Plugin downloads section )
Labeled Section Transclusion unknown unknown MW 1.7+ r19701   Steve Sanbeg  
19 February 2007 enables marked sections of text to be transcluded (Links: SVN )
LifeMarks unknown unknown MW developed on 1.6.8 0.2.0   User:Bakerq  
18 March 2007 Mark notable dates and events for collection and display (Links: User:Bakerq )
LinkSearch beta special   Brion Vibber  
17 March 2007 Generic search for external links (Links: Subversion )
LinkSwf stable unknown MW 1.9.1 1.0.2   Fernando Correia  
13 March 2007 Creates a link to play a SWF video file. (Links: Fernando Correia )
LiveSaver unknown interface MW 1.6 0.1    
21 March 2007 Save user-input over browser crashes and other accidents.
LockTitle unknown unknown MW 1.8+ 0.99.0   Carl Fürstenberg  
17 March 2007 Enables locking of certain titles to prohibit unprivileged users to create said page (Links: N/A )
Lockdown experimental hook MW 1.10 recommended, also works with 1.9 (and maybe older versions too),   Duesentrieb  
20 March 2007 implements per-namespace group permissions (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
LoopFunctions beta pfunc MW 1.7+ 1.0.3   Carl Fürstenberg  
17 March 2007 provides limited looping functionality in wikitext (Links: N/A )
Lotus Notes Link Extension unknown unknown    
19 February 2007 Helps to add links to (company) lotus notes documents. (Links: copy and paste )
MailNotification beta Hook MW 1.7.2 0.1   Ramin Dalkouhi  
20 March 2007 A small extension to send mails to registered users via a cronjob. (Links: MailNotification-0.1zip )
Makesysop stable special MW MediaWiki 1.5 February 9th, 2007   Tim Starling  
16 February 2007 Gives bureaucrats/stewards the ability to modify user levels (Links: SVN )
Memorize stable unknown MW 1.7+ (or 1.6+, see Installation notes) 1.0a   Ryan Lane  
21 March 2007 Allows users to create memorization tables like those on (Links: svn )
MetaKeywordsTag beta parser MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher 0.1   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
14 March 2007 Extension tag for adding <meta> keywords to the document header. (Links: MetaKeywordsTag.php )
MicroID unknown unknown MW 1.8.x 0.1   Evan Prodromou  
13 February 2007 adds a MicroID to user pages (Links: SVN )
MoodleSSO beta Single-sign-on integration MW v1.9   Luke Hudson  
14 March 2007 Integrate Mediawiki transparently with Moodle. (Links: Download from here )
MultiUpload unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
13 March 2007 Allows users to upload more than 1 file at time. (Links: via SVN )
Multilang unknown unknown MW > 1.7 (1.6.10) 0.11   Daniel Arnold  
21 February 2007 A multilanguage extension (Links: Multilang )
Multilanguage unknown unknown MW > 1.5.6 ? 0.2   Eric David  
27 November 2006 A multilanguage extension (Links: [10] )
NamespaceLevelProcessor stable unknown MW tested 1.8.2, 1.9.3 2.4   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Provides the capability to assign a PHP 'processor' on a per namespace basis. (Links: [11] )
Link unknown unknown MW 1.6.7 and above 1.0.0   Aretai  
20 March 2007 Creates a link to a network location. (Links: Code)
Newest Pages stable unknown MW 1.6.0+ 1.6   Rob Church  
24 February 2007 List of the most recently created pages on the wiki (doesn't use recentchanges) (Links: from Subversion README )
News beta parser MW 1.9   Duesentrieb  
22 March 2007 shows recent changes on a wiki page, supports template-style formatting (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
Nuke beta special   Brion Vibber  
18 February 2007 Gives sysops the ability to mass delete pages. (Links: SVN )
Nuke Templating stable Hook MW 1.8.2 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Provides the site administrator a way to police the usage of templates on a Mediawiki installation. (Links: [12] )
OpenID unknown unknown MW 1.6.x-1.9.x (?) 0.6.1   Evan Prodromou  
14 March 2007 Allow users with accounts on other OpenID-enabled sites to log in (Links: tarball README )
OpenSearch unknown special MW 1.5.x and 1.6.x 0.2    
10 February 2007 OpenSearch support for MediaWiki
Oversight unknown unknown   Brion VIBBER  
13 January 2007 Adds a user class that allows hiding revisions. (Links: Wikimedia SVN )
PDF experimental / XSS alert ShowPDF MW 1.9 0.1   Nilam Doctor  
22 March 2007 This extension will show a PDF file inside MediaWiki page. (Links: Extension:PDF <pdf>Filename.pdf</pdf>)
POD beta parser MW 1.6.3 or better 0.03   User:Tels  
10 March 2007 Render POD (Plain Old Documentation) input as HTML (Links: README CHANGES Example)
PageAttributes stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2,1.9.3 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enables the manipulation of attributes associated with a page. (Links: [13] )
PageBy beta parser MW >1.9 (maybe 1.8 too)   Duesentrieb  
22 March 2007 shows contributors inline on a wiki page (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
PageNotice beta hook MW 1.10 (1.9 probably, maybe older versions too)   Duesentrieb  
20 March 2007 lets you define a fixed header or footer message for each page or namespace (Links: svn (browse), bundle log )
PageSecurity beta unknown MW 1.8, 1.9 1.1.4   Fernando Correia  
15 March 2007 Restricts access to pages according to security definitions. (Links: Fernando Correia )
Painting unknown unknown MW > 1.5.6 ? 1.5   Eric David  
13 March 2007 A painting java applet (Links: here )
PathFunctions beta unknown MW 1.7+ 0.99.0   Carl Fürstenberg  
22 February 2007 A reimplementation of the builtin variables PAGENAME etc. with the ability to specify what page to evaluate on. (Links: N/A )
Patroller unknown unknown MW 1.7.0 1.0rc1   Rob Church  
5 December 2006 Enhanced recent changes patrol interface with workload sharing (Links: from Subversion )
Pdf Export unknown unknown MW 1.6.7 1.0   Thomas Hempel  
17 March 2007 converts current page to pdf and sends to browser
Picasa2Gallery release parser,pfuc MW all 1.0.0   Velorex  
20 March 2007 Generate image gallery from Picasa2 xml export. (Links: Available here Available here)
Player experimental special MW 1.10 (perhaps 1.9 too)   Duesentrieb  
14 March 2007 Provides embedded multimedia playback using common browser plugins or embedded players. (Links: svn (browse), bundle README log )
Postcomment unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
9 March 2007 Allows users to post comments directly to discussion pages. (Links: via SVN )
Postloader stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2, 1.9.3 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enables postloading of content after creation of an article but before the said article is written to the database. (Links: [14] )
Prefix Security unknown unknown MW 1.6.3 up 1.0.0   Borut Tomažin  
21 March 2007 Extension for controlling page-specific user rights based on titles and their prefixes (Links: ReadMe )
Preloader stable unknown MW 1.7.0+ 1.1   Rob Church  
20 March 2007 Load boilerplate text when creating new pages (Links: from Subversion README )
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:ProcessCite
PropertyTable stable unknown MW 1.8, 1.9 1.0.2   Fernando Correia  
26 February 2007 Outputs a table with keys and values. (Links: Fernando Correia )
PunBB Authentication unknown unknown   Bradley Bell  
19 March 2007 Auto-Authenticates PunBB users
QWikiRemarks Extension unknown Parser MW undeveloped 0.0.0   User:Bakerq  
18 December 2006 Create a simple comment system for articles (Links: undeveloped )
Quiz beta parser MW 3-17-2007 0.1b   Lrbabe  
19 March 2007 The most advanced quiz tool for mediawiki (Links: Rename .txt extension to .php :
Quiz beta parser MW 3-17-2007 0.1b   Lrbabe  
19 March 2007 L'outil de quiz le plus avancé pour mediawiki (Links: Renommez l'extension .txt des fichiers en .php :
RandomImage stable unknown MW 1.5.0 and up 1.1   Rob Church  
13 March 2007 Adds a <randomimage> tag to the parser allowing for randomisation of multimedia content on a page (Links: from Subversion README )
RandomInclude stable unknown MW 1.8.2, 1.9.1 1.1.0   Fernando Correia  
14 February 2007 Includes a random text. (Links: Fernando Correia )
RegexBlock stable special   Bartek Łapiński  
18 March 2007 Gives users with permissions to block, view and unblock user names and IP addresses by given name, using regular expressions (Links: SVN README )
Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating Bar unknown unknown MW 1.6.8 1.1   B.Vahrmeijer  
13 February 2007 Ajax script with 2 to 10 stars Review/Rating possibilities (Links: Download at none none Download at
Ricks Google Maps unknown unknown MW 1.7.1 (others?) 001 alpha   Rick  
27 December 2006 (Links: none yet )
RoboHelp2Wiki unknown unknown MW 1.7 and 1.8 0.90   The JK Group, Inc.  
28 January 2007 Convert Macromedia RoboHelp Topics to MediaWiki pages. (Links: [15] )
RomanNumerals unknown Parser MW 1.6.3+, 1.7.0+, 1.8-alpha 0.2    
10 February 2007 Converting Arabic numerals into Roman numerals
SQL2Wiki beta unknown MW Works with 1.6.8 - ???, 1.9.2 0.2   Patrick Müller  
21 March 2007 Add dynamic content to your wiki by using SQL-Select statements (MySQL only). (Links: Create a new extension article )
SQLselect unknown unknown MW 1.9 1.0   stixuser  
22 February 2007 embed the output of an sql query in a wiki page (Links: this page )
SSL Authentication unknown unknown MW 1.7.1 1.0   Martin Johnson  
10 March 2007 Automagic login with certificates using Apache2 mod_ssl clientside (Links: this page )
SelectCategory unknown unknown MW > 1.8.2 0.4   Leon Weber & Manuel Schneider  
18 March 2007 Allows the user to select from existing categories when editing a page. (Links: download README CHANGELOG )
Semantic MediaWiki beta parser, hook, special MW 1.9.* or greater (tested up to 1.10alpha) 0.6   Klaus Lassleben, Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandecic, S Page. Maintained by AIFB Karlsruhe.  
18 March 2007 SMW allows users to add structured data to wiki pages through simple wikitext markup that identifies relations between pages and attribute values of pages. With this information, SMW can help to search, organise, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. (Links: from SourceForge latest README in SVN browse SVN for recent changes San Diego page on
ShareThis beta parser MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.1   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
5 March 2007 Provides links to popular social bookmarking and news sources. (Links: ShareThis.php Project Homepage)
Simple Security beta hook MW >1.6.0 3.2   User:Nad  
19 March 2007 A simple to implement security extension (Links: User:Nad )
Special:Namespaces unknown unknown MW 1.7+ 0.0   Unsupported derivative based on Special:Interwiki GPL by Stephanie Amanda Stevens  
13 January 2007 Add new namespaces from Special:Namespaces page (Links: Extension:Simple namespaces/sourcecode )
SimplePie stable unknown MW 1.8+ 1.0 b3.2   Ryan Parman and Geoffrey Sneddon  
20 March 2007 A simple solution for getting feeds into your MediaWiki wiki pages. (Links: )
Skype Button unknown unknown MW 1.5.x 2.1   TheBigGuy  
21 February 2007 Render Skype Button showing users online status
SmoothGallery experimental unknown MW 1.7+ (or 1.6+, see Installation notes) 1.0h   Ryan Lane  
14 March 2007 Allows users to give a delimited list of images, and output a css/javascript gallery. (Links: svn )
Sort2 unknown Parser MW 1.7.1 1.1    
10 February 2007 Generates sorted lists based on existing token lists or separate lines/paragraphs
SpamDiffTool unknown unknown MW 1.6+ 0.1   Travis Derouin  
1 January 2007 allows users to add entries to the Spam blacklist right off of a diff page (Links: via SVN )
SpecialForm beta special MW 1.9.0 2007.02   user:sbrunner  
20 March 2007 Create forms that will insert elements into the database.
Spellcheck stable unknown MW various 0.1  
13 February 2007 provides spellchecking on edit page, supports custom dictionaries (Links: wmspellchecker-0.1-1.9.1.tar.gz )
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:SplitCategoryPage
Strip Markup unknown unknown   Steve Sanbeg  
2 February 2007 Strip Wiki and HTML markup from text (Links: BugZilla )
Sub Page List 2 unknown Parser MW 1.7.1 or above 1.0    
10 February 2007 Sub Page List 2 is an extension that automaticaly creates a list of the subpages of a page. The dynamic created list will be created automatically on every edit of the page where the SubPageList element is given. (Links: )
Submit In Toolbar unknown unknown MW 1.8.2 0.0.2   User:Vitas  
16 March 2007 Adds Save,Preview,Diff buttons to Toolbar. (Links: .tgz )
WARNING: failed to parse Extension:TableEdit
Top Ten Pages unknown unknown MW 1.7+, earlier may work 0.1   User:Sascha  
1 March 2007 Shows most viewed Pages (Links: User:Sascha see below none so far <TopTenPages/> ALT: <TopTenPages>5</TopTenPages>)
Tree view beta hook MW > 1.6.x, 1.9.x 3.0   User:Nad  
19 March 2007 Allows dynamic tree-views to be made with bullet-list syntax (Links: User:Nad )
UML beta parser 0.4   Bryan_a  
13 March 2007 Renders a UML model from text using MetaUML
UnknownActionHandler stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2,1.9.3 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enables customized handling of non-native Mediawiki web requests (aka 'actions') through the used of stored PHP page code. (Links: [16] )
UsenetSyntax beta parser MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.2   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
5 March 2007 Allows simple Usenet highlighting such as *bold*, /italic/ and _underline_. (Links: UsenetSyntax.php )
User Image Gallery unknown unknown MW 1.9.0+ 1.0   Rob Church  
13 March 2007 Adds <userimages> tag to generate image galleries of user uploads (Links: from Subversion README )
UserClass Extended stable Hook MW tested 1.8.2, 1.9.3 1.0   user:jldupont  
16 March 2007 Enhances the standard Mediawiki "User" class to provide a more comprehensive Namespace Permissions system. (Links: [17] )
UserPageStyles beta hook MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher 0.1   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
12 March 2007 Allows users to create stylesheets for use on their userpages and subpages. (Links: UserPageStyles.php )
Username Blacklist stable hook MW 1.5.8+ 1.6   Rob Church  
18 March 2007 Block the creation of user accounts matching a regular expression blacklist (Links: from Subversion README see Subversion )
Variables beta hook MW 1.6.x and above 1.1   User:Nad  
19 March 2007 Shows how to add new built in variables
VideoFlash unknown unknown MW 1.6.8 or above 1.0   Args  
20 March 2007 VideoFlash is an extension that displays videos from Youtube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion, sevenload and similar services
WhatsDown unknown unknown MW Tested on 1.8.2. 0.4   Yedidia Klein  
22 February 2007 The Wiki NMA (Links: WhatsDown.php )
Wiki2LaTeX beta Interface MW 1.8 and later 0.4   Hans-Georg Kluge  
19 March 2007 Converts Mediawiki-Syntax into LaTeX (Links: Google Code Projectsite )
wiki2xml unknown unknown   Magnus Manske  
11 March 2007 Converts markup fragments or whole articles to XML and from XML to other stuff. (Links: no link )
WikiArticleFeeds beta hook MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.6   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
19 March 2007 Makes RSS/Atom feeds out of wiki articles. (Links: WikiArticleFeeds.php Blog -
WikiDB experimental unknown pre-release (0.1alpha?)   Mark Clements (HappyDog)  
18 March 2007 Adds easy-to-use database functionality to MediaWiki. (Links: No download currently available, but source is available at my test wiki WikiDB Testsystem)
WikiMusicGuide MusicStream unknown unknown   wikiwebguide  
24 January 2007 WikiMusicGuide Free Music Streaming Service
WikiPlot beta parser MW 1.10, 1.5.x (Should with anything) 1.0.0    
10 March 2007 Plotting mathematical expressions to images, using php. (Links: WikiPlot project page at plot sample)
Wikiwyg beta unknown   Ingy döt Net, Casey West, Chris Dent, Matt Liggett, Ryan King, Dave Rolsky, Kang-min Liu  
18 March 2007 A WYSIWYG editor (Links: )
Wildfire unknown unknown MW 1.7.2 ( any ? ) 0.0.1   KlinT ( )  
18 March 2007 This is a MediaWiki Extension for Wildfire Server ( Jabber ). (Links: No Download needed, the source code is posted there. )
Winter stable Parser MW 1.5+ 1.5    
14 March 2007 Adds an interpreted language to Mediawiki (Links: Winter.1.5.0.rar )
Word2MediaWikiPlus stable unknown MW 1.8, 1.9 1.0.0   Gunter Schmidt (original author), Fernando Correia (maintainer)  
27 February 2007 Converts MS-Word documents to MediaWiki markup. (Links: SourceForge )
XML Class beta unknown   user:jldupont  
14 March 2007 This extension facilitates client-side XML / XSLT processing of data sources stored in Mediawiki pages. Also optionally integrates with rendering extensions such as GeSHi Syntax Highlighting. (Links: [18] )
XmlWiki experimental unknown MW 1.4.x only   User:Nad  
18 March 2007 A MediaWiki hack giving XML properties to articles (Links: User:Nad User:Nad )
Yahoo Button unknown Parser MW 1.5. X 1.0    
13 February 2007 Render Yahoo Button showing users online status
TagCloud beta unknown 0.9   Orange Dino  
25 February 2007 Tag Cloud for mediawiki (Links: )
YouTube Video stable Funtime MW Tested with 1.9 1.0    
17 March 2007 Allows you to easily place YouTube Video on articles (Links: Source code Readme on my Wiki None yet seebelow)
YouTubeTag beta parser MW 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.1   Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)  
13 March 2007 Adds <youtube> tag for embedding YouTube videos. (Links: YouTubeTag.php see the Project Homepage)