The Universal Leid Selecter/ASS

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Whit is the Universal Leid Selecter

The Universal Leid Selecter is ae MediaWiki extension that permits uisers tae chynge thair leid settins n confeegurations aes thay prefere. It uises the jQuery lybries fae the Milkshake Waurk.

Whit ar the leid settins that Ah can modeefie uisin the ULS

The Universal Leid Selecter affers the follaein featurs oan Wikimedia wikis:

  1. Uiser interface leid selection fer loggit in uisers.
  2. Wab fonts
  3. Inpit methids

Hou dis the Universal Leid Selecter determine whit leids that Ah micht unnerstaund

The ULS queries ae service that determines yer oreeginatin kintra based oan yer IP address. This is onaccurate in some cases. Based oan the kintra code, the maist aften spoken leids ar suggestit fer ye.

The "commyn leids" fer ae kintra ar haurd tae determine aes weell. Fer this raison, thay come fae the Milkshake lybries that we aim to maintain wi ither interestit saffware waurks ayont MediaWiki/Wikimedia. Essentiallie, houever, maist o the data fer it comes fae Unicode (see CLDR fer mair info) n can be seen oan the Territrie-Leid Information buird. Gif ye hae suggestions tae impruiv the leids suggestit til ye the nou bi the ULS, first check gif that buir haes the best data; gif it can be impruived, than clap "eik new" fer yer kintra/leid n propose chynges. Unicode maintainers ar heelpfu n nae registration is needit.

Keep in mind the CLDR definitions and remember to mention reliable sources for the specific data you propose, like for instance an official statistics bureau or a scientific survey (for literacy figures), or national and local laws (to prove a language can be used to communicate with a national/local administration).

Whaur's the Universal Leid Selecter available

The ettle the nou is tae mak the Universal Leid Selecter available oan aw Wikimedia wikis aes suin aes possible. Check the deploymant plannin fer details.

Hou can Ah uise the Universal Leid Selecter

Oan Waurks wi leid versions (Wikipædia, Wikibuiks, Wikiversitie, Wiktionair, Wikiquote, Wikivoyage, Wikinews, Wikisoorce) the Universal Leid Selecter is veesible aes ae cog icon in the menu aurie fer interleid airtins. In Wikimedia waurks wioot leid versions (fer example Wikimedia Commons, Meta-Wiki, Wikispecies n this wiki, ULS is available aes aen icon in the personal tuilbaur at the tap o the page.

Clap the icon, mak the settins n confirm thaim tae hae the settins stay acteeve.

Ae smaw keybuird icon will kith fer aw fields that permit tex inpitin. Select it tae mak chynges til the settins.

See the "Location fer the Selecter" tae learn mair aneat the choice o the location.

Hou can Ah chynge the Displey leid

An English-language video showing the location of the panel

The leid that's uised tae displey the MediaWiki interface messages can be chynged bi uisin the Leid Settins panel o the ULS.

This featur is yinlie available fer loggit-in uisers.

Efter loggin in, ye can apen the Leid Settins panel [oan the sidebaur or at the tap] n naveegate til the Leid tab o the Displey settins.

Fer ae quick selection, the ULS will displey ae leet o possible leids based oan yer location. Ye can clap tae select the leid o yer choice.

Gif the leid that ye'r seekin isna oan the panel, than ye can clap oan the '...' button tae apen the langer leet o leids tae rake n select.

A small popup (technically called "undo popover" or "tipsy") will also appear when ULS changes the language compared to your previous setting, so that you can more easily change again. In some cases, a tooltip is displayed instead.

Dae Ah need tae be loggit in tae be able tae chynge the Displey leid

Ay, ye dae. The displey leid can yinlie be chynged bi loggit-in uisers.

Gif Ah chynge the Displey leid, than will this chynge the leid o the content oan the page that Ah'm luikin at

Na, na. The ULS disna chynge the leid o the content oan the page. It can be uised tae yinlie chynge the interface leid o MediaWiki.

However, the Translate extension, where installed, may be configured to redirect the user to existing translations of a page in some cases where ULS has changed interface language.

Ah see kists in the tex whan Ah select ma leid

We crie thir kists 'tofu' n this happens whan thaur's nae fonts fer the leid that's been selectit.

Ye can instaw ae local font oan yer system tae richt this situation.

Bit tae hinder ae siclik proablem in futur we'd lik tae ensair that oor wab-fonts lybrie haes fonts fer yer leid.

Please lat us ken, preferablie throoch

Can Ah chynge the font fer the leid

The font fer ae leid can be chynged bi the uiser fae the 'Font' tab wiin the Displey settins.

Anonimis uisers can chynge the font yinlie fer the leid that's in uiss.

Loggit-in uisers can chynge the font fer aw leids.

Hou dae ye decide oan ae defaut font fer ae leid or screept?

Ae defaut font will be set gif ae leid or screept haes ae proablemateec support histerie oan ae wide range o desktap computers n ither devices. Even thooch maist modern operatin systems provide opties tae support ae leid or screept weel, this micht mean that ae uiser haes tae tak action first, lik instawin saffware or chyngin the operatin system settins. Oor expereeance shaws that ae lot o uisers dinna dae this n gie up, n we want tae provide ae quick n autæmateec waa tae mak the tex readable.

The Universal Leid Selecter yinlie provides freelie licensed fonts. We chuise the defaut fonts based oan the popularitie o the fonts (eg: defaut font fer ae screept in Linux distreebutions, widelie uised in portals in the leid, etc.) n based oan inpit fae potential uisers. Gif the defaut font haes ae bug that hinders uisers fae uisin it, than we will ettle tae uise aen alternate font gif yin is available. Fer this ae valid bug report is needit in bugzilla wi hei impact.

Whit gif the defaut font chosen is na the best yin fer the leid? Can this be chynged?

Actions oan the Universal Leid Selecter nou haes event loggin, see the queries data. This will permit deveelipers tae analyse uiser behavier n chynges in settins. Based oan uiser behavier n ither metreecs, certain futur chynges micht surface.

This means that the inpit tuil n font support in the WMFs tuils need tae be integratit wi the eventloggin system. Onie chynge in the defaut inpit methid or fonts maun be supportit bi the uissage stateesteecs: oot o FontA, FontB, fer ae leid LANG, gif the FontA uissage is muckler than FontB, FontB shid be the defaut font fer LANG. Gif system font is maistlie preferred fer that LANG, than bi defaut we need tae disable the wabfont. The same logeec applies fer inpit methids.

Can Ah disable the defaut font that the ULS haes chosen fer ma leid?

The defaut font settin can be disabled in the settins.

Gif the leid is weel supportit bi Grade A brousers n operatin systems, defaut option fer fonts, inpit methids micht be the yins providit bi the system. Weel supportit means that the browsers n operatin systems provide ae bug free font n inpit methid fer that leid bi defaut (bundled wi OS, na needin byordinair steps tae instaw).

Thaur disna seem tae be ae font fer ma leid. Hou can Ah request fer ae new font tae be incluidit in the ULS

Ye can file ae bug oan Bugzilla speirin fer ae font tae be eikit fer yer leid.

It is expectit that ye'll provide suggestions aneat the fonts n point us til whaur we can fynd thaim aes weel.

It's advisable tae seek consensus fae ither memmers o yer leid communitie aneat inclusion o the new font aes weel.

Whit information will be necessair fer ae new font tae be incluidit intil the ULS

  1. The name o the font
  2. Ae URL til the soorce o the font
  3. License fer the font that permits it tae be freelie uised, distreebutit n modeefied.
  4. Describe the font and reason why it should be added
  5. Link to a community discussion showing consensus to add font

This information can be mentioned in Bugzilla whan speirin fer ae font tae be incluidit.

Please note that web fonts have been reduced in scale to avoid performance-related issues. Learn more here. When requesting to add a font to a wiki, gather sufficient community consensus about the need for the font. Ensure the goal is to improve readers' experiences and address challenges (such as improper rendering of characters using the default font). Alternatively, you can install and configure browser settings or add font script to site-specific CSS (for example, Mediawiki:Common.css).

Ah'd lik tae write in ae differant leid. Hou can Ah chynge the settins tae dae this

  1. Sidebaur: Ye can gang til the 'Inpit Settins' section in the Leid Settins panel n select ae leid that's displeyed oan the buttons or fae the 'Leid Selection' popup.
  2. Keybuird menu: The leids ar displeyed aes ae leet n ae selection can be makit fae here.

Ah'v chosen ae leid, bit Ah still canna write in that leid. Whit coud be wrang

Whan ye select ae leid, ye'll be presentit wi ae leet o inpit methids fer that leid. Gif nae inpit methids exeest wiin the ULS fer that leid than the nateeve keybuird oan yer local computer will be uised fer inpit. Gif inpit methids ar na available throoch eether o the twa opties, than ye'll na be able tae write in the selectit leid.

Ah'd lik tae chynge the keybuird fer the leid that Ah'v chosen. Hou can Ah dae that

The inpit methid/keybuird opties wiin the ULS fer ae leid ar displeyed aes ae let in baith the Leid Settins panel aes weel aes in the keybuird menu fae ae tex inpit kist.

Ae default keybuird is selectit fer ilka leid. Tae uise ae differant keybuird, ye can select fae this leet.

Ah'v ae keybuird oan ma computer n Ah dinna want tae uise the keybuird in ULS. Can Ah disable the ULS keybuird compleatelie

The ULS inpit methids can be disabled in 2 waas:

  1. Fae the sidebaur: bi clapin oan the 'Disable inpit methids' button wiin the inpit settins optie in the Leid Settins panel
  2. Fae the Keybuird menu: bi clapin oan 'Disable inpit methids' fae the keybuird menu that's displeyed whan the uiser claps oan the keybuird icon fae aen inpit field (lik the rake field)

Can Ah disable the ULS keybuird fer yinlie 1 leid, wioot disablin the ULS keybuird compleatelie

Ay, ye can. Tae dae this, please select 'Uise Nateeve Keybuird' fae the drap-doun menu that's displeyed in the leet o the keybuirds available fer that leid.

Hou dae ye decide whit the order o the inpit methids is?

An example graph where the input method clearly worked

We assess this fer ilka leid separatelie. Preferablie it's the maist practeecal n uissfu fer that leid, accordin til ae consultation wi potential uisers, tae be the first yin. Gif the defaut inpit methid haes ae bug that hinders uisers fae uisin it, it will be disabled aes preferred or defaut inpit methid. Fer this ae valid bug report is needit in bugzilla wi hei impact. Ontil the bug is resolved, the nex available inpit methid will be presented oan tap o the leet.

Whit gif the defaut inpit methid is na the best yin fer the leid? Can this be chynged?

Onie chynge in defaut inpit methid or fonts maun be supportit bi the uisage stateesteecs. See siclik speirin up the page.

Can Ah set aw o the Leid Settins fae wiin ma uiser preferance page

Ay, ye can. Tae confeegur the leid settins, naveegate til yer uiser preferance page n clap oan the 'Mair leid settins' optie in the 'Internationalisation' section unner the 'Uiser Profile' tab.

Why can anonimis uisers na uise the Universal Leid Selecter tae chynge thair interface leid

This optie is disabled oan Wikimedia wikis, cause the Wikimedia cache infrastructur disna support this the nou. We'r luikin intil makin this possible in the futur. Thaur's nae timeline fer this. See Allow setting the UI to a language other than English for anonymous users in Phabricator.

Hou can Ah disable the Universal Leid Selecter

Yinlie pairt o the functionalitie can be disabled.

Inpit methids can be compleatelie disabled bi clapin the keybuird icon n clapin "Disable inpit tuils". Input methods can also be disabled per input element by adding class="noime".

Wab fonts can yinlie be disabled fer ilka leid in the settins.

Can Ah Owerset the interface o the Universal Leid Selecter in ma leid

Och ay! Ye can dae this at Compleate owersetin o the follaeing twa message groops yince ye'r ae registerit owerseter:

Whaur can Ah report ae proablem

Please report proablems n suggestions in Bugzilla. Please ensair tae report aes muckle detail aes ye can.

What fonts are included?

An up-to-date list is in the fonts directory of Wikimedia’s Git repository (each folder has metadata in the file font.ini). Here is the list, as of 2013-11-22 (v1.4.0-Snapshot):

Font CSS font-family name For languages (* denotes default font) Additional support
AbyssinicaSIL 1.200[1] AbyssinicaSIL Amharic (am*), Tigrinya (ti*), Ge‘ez (gez*), Tigre (tig*) Ethiopic/Ge‘ez script (Ethi)
Akkadian 2.56[2] Akkadian Akkadian (akk*), Sumerian (sux*)
Alef 1.0[3] Alef, 'Alef Bold' Hebrew (he), Yiddish (yi), Old Hebrew (hbo)
amiri 1.0.2[4] Amiri, 'Amiri Bold', 'Amiri Italic', 'Amiri Bold Italic' Arabic (ar), Standard Arabic (arb), Persian (fa)
AnjaliOldLipi .0.730[5] AnjaliOldLipi Malayalam (ml) Malayalam script (Mlym)
Autonym v 20131118[6] Autonym multiple languages (mul)
CharisSIL 4.011[7] CharisSIL Min Dong (cdo), Min Nan (nan) Latin script (Latn)
DoulosSIL 4.112[8] 'Doulos Sil' Min Nan (nan)
EastSyriacAdiabene 1.21[9] 'East Syriac Adiabene' Syriac (syc), Imperial Aramaic (arc)
EstrangeloEdessa 1.21[10] 'Estrangelo Edessa' Syriac (syc*), Imperial Aramaic (arc*)
FreeFontThana 1.0[11] FreeFont-Thaana, 'FreeFont-Thaana Bold] Maldivian (dv*)
GentiumPlus 1.510[12] GentiumPlus, 'GentiumPlus Italic' Greek (grc) Greek script (Grek), Latin (Latn), Cyrillic (Cyrl), IPA (und-fonipa)
Gubbi 1.3[13] Gubbi Kannada (kn), Tulu (tcy)
Hanuman 1.0[14] Hanuman, 'Hanuman Bold' Khmer (km)
IranianSans 1.0[15] 'Iranian Sans' Persian (fa) Arabic script (Arab)
Jomolhari 0.003[16] Jomolhari Tibetan (bo*, bod*), Dzongkha (dz*), Sino-Tibetan (adx*), Dolpo (dre*), goe*, Humla (hut*), Nubri (kte*), Khams Tibetan (khg*), Khamba (kbg*), Lhomi (lhm*), Ladakhi (lbj*), Lowa (loy*), Lunanakha (luk*), Layakha (lya*), Mukha-Dora (muk*), Walungge (ola*), Old Tibetan (otb*), Tichurong (tcn*), Thudam (thw*), Tseku (tsk*), Classical Tibetan (xct*), Zangskari (zau*)
Junicode 2013-01-17[17] Junicode, 'Junicode Italic', 'Junicode Bold', 'Junicode Bold Italic' Old English (ang)
KhmerOS 1.10[18] KhmerOS Khmer (km)
KhmerOSbattambang 1.10[19] KhmerOSbattambang Khmer (km*) Khmer script (Khmr)
LinuxLibertine 5.3.0[20] 'Linux Libertine', 'Linux Libertine Bold', 'Linux Libertine Italic', 'Linux Libertine Bold Italic'
lklug 0.6[21] lklug Sinhalese (si)
LohitAssamese 2.5.3[22] 'Lohit Assamese' Assamese (as) Bengali (bn), Bishnupriya Manipuri (bpy) in Assamese script
LohitBengali (default) 2.5.3[23] 'Lohit Bengali' Bengali (bn), Bishnupriya Manipuri (bpy) Assamese (as) in Bengali script (Beng)
LohitDevanagari 2.5.3[24] 'Lohit Devanagari' Bhojpuri (bh*, bho*), Hindi (hi*), Konkani (kok*), Goan Konkani (gom*), Maithili (mai*), Sanskrit (sa*) Marathi (mr), Ahirani (ahr) in Devanagari script (Deva)
LohitGujarati 2.5.3[25] 'Lohit Gujarati' Gujarati (gu*) Gujarati script (Gujr)
LohitKannada 2.5.3[26] 'Lohit Kannada' Kannada (kn*), Tulu (tcy*) Kannada script (Knda)
LohitMarathi 2.5.3[27] 'Lohit Marathi' Ahirani (ahr*), Marathi (mr*)
LohitNepali 2.5.3[28] 'Lohit Nepali' Nepali (ne*)
LohitOriya 2.5.3[29] 'Lohit Oriya' Oriya (or*) Oriya script (Orya)
LohitPunjabi 2.5.3[30] 'Lohit Punjabi' Punjabi (pa*) Gurmukhi script (Guru)
LohitTamil 2.5.3[31] 'Lohit Tamil' Tamil (ta) Tamil script (Taml)
LohitTamilClassical 2.5.3[32] 'Lohit Tamil Classical' Tamil (ta) Tamil script (Taml)
LohitTelugu 2.5.3[33] 'Lohit Telugu' Telugu (te*) Telugu script (Telu)
madan 2[34] Madan Nepali (ne) Hindi (hi), Marathi (mr), Maithili (mai), Bhojpuri (bh, bho), Goan Konkani (gom), Ahirani (ahr) in Devanagari script (Deva)
Meera 6.0[35] Meera Malayalam (ml) Malayalam script (Mlym)
MiriamCLM 0.130[36] 'Miriam CLM' Hebrew (he) Hebrew script (Hebr)
Myanmar3 3.0[37] Myanmar3 Burmese (my) Myanmar (Burmese) script (Mymr)
NafeesWeb 1.2[38] NafeesWeb Urdu (ur)
Nazli 0.4[39] Nazli Persian (fa)
Nokora 1.10[40] 'Nokora Regular', 'Nokora Bold' Khmer (km)
NuosuSIL 2.1.1[41] 'Nuosu SIL' Sichuan Yi (ii*)
OpenDyslexic 2.1.0+git060dc841[42] OpenDyslexic, 'OpenDyslexic Bold', 'OpenDyslexic Italic', 'OpenDyslexic BoldItalic' Afrikaans (af), [unknown] (bk), Catalan (ca), Welsh (cy), Danish (da), German (de), English (en), Spanish (es), Estonian (et), Finnish (fi), Faroese (fo), French (fr), West Frisian (fy), Irish (ga), Scottish Gaelic (gd), Galician (gl), Hungarian (hu), Indonesian (id), Icelandic (is), Italian (it), Luxembourgish (lb), Limburgish (li), Māori (mi), Malay (ms), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Dutch (nl), Occitan (oc), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Albanian (sq), Swedish (sv), Swahili (sw), Tagalog (tl), Turkish (tr), Walloon (wa)
OskiEast 2.200[43] OskiEast, 'OskiEast Bold', 'OskiEast Italic', 'OskiEast Bold Italic' Cree (cr*), Inuktitut (iu)
Padauk 2.8[44] Padauk Burmese (my) Myanmar (Burmese) script (Mymr)
Pagul 1.0[45] Pagul Saurashtra (saz*) Saurashtra script (Saur)
Pangururan 1.0.5[46] Pangururan Batak Toba (bbc), Batak btk
Phetsarath 1.01[47] Phetsarath, Phetsarath-Bold Lao (lo*)
Saab 0.91[48] Saab Punjabi (pa) Gurmukhi script (Guru)
saweri 2[49] Saweri Buginese (bug*), Makassar (mak*)
SertoUrhoy 1.20[50] SertoUrhoy Syriac (syc), Imperial Aramaic (arc)
Shapour 001.000[51] Shapour Pahlavi Middle Persian (pal*)
SiyamRupali 1.070[52] 'Siyam Rupali' Bengali (bn*), Bishnupriya Manipuri (bpy*)
Suwannaphum 2.00[53] Suwannaphum Khmer (km)
TaameyFrankCLM 0.110[54] 'Taamey Frank CLM' Old Hebrew (hbo*), Hebrew (he) Hebrew script (Hebr)
TharLon 1.003[55] TharLon Burmese (my*)
Thendral 1.0[56] Thendral Tamil (ta) Tamil script (Taml)
Thenee 1.0[57] Thenee Tamil (ta) Tamil script (Taml)
TuladhaJejeg 2.0.1[58] 'Tuladha Jejeg' Javanese (jv), Javanese in Javanese script (jv-Java*)
UnifrakturMaguntia 2012-10-19[59] UnifrakturMaguntia Latin fraktur script (Latf)
utkal 0.13[60] Utkal Oriya (or) Oriya script (Orya)
Xerxes 1.301[61] Xerxes Old Persian (peo*)

Are there metrics and statistics on the usage and impact?

Yes. We identified some metrics for the Universal Language Selector and we are now collecting aggregated data with EventLogging for a number of actions performed with ULS: see the queries for ULS usage statistics and some data linked from that page.