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Hölp_Sigge wääde öffentlesch jemaat oohne Beschrängkunge dorj_et Uurhävver_Rääsch (jemeinfrei, public domain)

Project:PD help, es e Projäk, öm ene Säz met jenoue Hölpsigge opzebeoue för Metmaachere aan Wikis, di met däm Projramm MedijaWiki loufe. Dat Projäk betreff all de Sigge em Appachtemang „Help“. Der „Houp_Ennjang“ doför es di Sigg „Help:Contents“.

De Hölp hät nix met däm Handbooch_Projäk ze donn, däm Handbooch för de Bedriever vun MedijaWiki, wat unger dä Lizänz GFDL shteiht. Wä jet dobei donn well, sull sesch övver der Ongerscheid em kloore sin! De jemeinfreije Hölp_Sigge saare nix drövver, wat ene ßööver_Adminißtraator weße moß, nix övver et Enshtalleere, Ennreschte, un Betreue vun de MedijaWiki Projramme. Loor Der de „Ziele“ aan, unge, doh shteiht norr_enß jenouer, wat mer hee henkrijje welle.

Security Donn nix vun dem Meta-Wiki singe Hölp_Sigge noh hee koppeere. Di sin schtonn unger de Lizänz GDFL, un se sin dröm nit jemeinfrei.


De eetßte Idee es, ene Knubbel SIgge ze maache, di en sesch e neu Wiki erövver koppeere lohße, udder en de ußjelivverte Version vun MendijaWiki dren shtääsche künne. Dat sull de jrundlääje Enfommazjuhne för jeede Metmaacher ömfaße, un ander Övverbleckssaacher, en en vernönftijee un koote Aat. Der Aansaz es, ene komprimmeete Saz vun Leijtlinnije för e Metmaacher-Handboch ze maache, nit en komplääte Revveränz met allem dröm un draahn. Et sullt sesch domet befaße, wat der jewööhnlijje Metmaacher bruch, un met ander Saache nit.


Contributions to the PD Help are released as public domain (rather than the usual GNU Free Documentation License). This is necessary in order to allow people to easily copy the text into their own wiki installations. Please ensure you understand the following before contributing:

  • Every page in the PD Help must contain the line {{PD Help Page}} to indicate the license.
  • No content can be copied from elsewhere into these pages, except if you are the author or have permission from the authors. Content that is already public domain can be copied here, but this does NOT include most web pages!
  • You are relinquishing all rights to the information you contribute here. Although you will continue to have your contributions listed and attributed on this site, others can copy the text without giving credit, and can modify it as they see fit.

De Lässer - Dä Normaale MetmaacherEdit

De Hölp-Sigge sin vör allem för der nommaale Besöker em Wiki jedaach un jemaat.

Nit däm ßööver sing AdministratoreEdit

Mer welle nit de kumplätte Dokkemäntazjuhn för MedijaWiki widerholle. Enfommazjuhne för de Administroore vun op däm ßööver Nivoh, Enshtallazjuhne, Enresschtunge, un et en Schoß hallde vun MedijaWiki, jehööt en et Handbooch.

De eijnizze kleine Ußnahm sen de Käßte met Tips för de Administratoore, süsch onge.

Enfommazjuhne för de Wiki_Köbesse un Bürrokraate shton zerökEdit

De Hölp_Sigge wöhre nit kumplät, without also describing what 'Wiki_Köbesse' can do, however these more advanced features are not available to majority of a target audience (the majority of wiki users). As such, we should keep this information a little bit separate, so that normal users are not confronted with information which is not relevant to them. Within the bulk of the Help pages we will make brief mentions of things which require sysop priviledges, but detailed descriptions of sysop procedures should be tucked away on less prominently linked pages, or should be left out of the Help pages all together.

Heh dä Afschnett weed beklaaf.

Reeschlinnije för et SchriiveEdit

  • Create links between the pages, but avoid linking to other namespaces on Keep the links internal to the public domain help pages, or make external links (full URL) to relevant resources e.g. on This is to facilitate easier copying of the text into fresh wiki installations. Do not use interwiki links as these may not exist in the target wiki.
  • We probably don't want to swap in the {{SITENAME}} syntax anywhere. MediaWiki is the name of the software we are describing. This is the software that powers the destination wiki, so anywhere where our text is referring to the software (everywhere throughout help) it should be left as a literal string "MediaWiki". If for some reason the help text is mentioning the name of the site, then this would be an appropriate exception (use {{SITENAME}}), but we are not going to swap this in everywhere where we mention the word MediaWiki.
  • Translations should be done after the English version of a page has reached a stable status. The naming convention es Siggetittel/Shprooche_Köözel.
  • Unless you have the perfect solution for navigation in this manual, please refrain from creating navigation templates and create content first.

Et FormatteereEdit

  • Formatting should be consistent. Use class="wikitable" for any tables you create, highlight cells or rows with {{Hl1}} etc.
  • All wiki markup and code should be put in <code> or <pre> tags. Help for inserting: {{subst:nw|text}}.
  • All references to menu texts and descriptions should appear in italic.

Beldscher vum BeldscherremEdit

There is some discussion about whether we want screenshot images on the help pages. See the talk page here, and also Project:Current issues#MW Screenshots - Image license

Screenshots are deprecated until this is decided. i.e. don't add any more, but don't delete the existing ones.

Advantages of screenshot images

  • An image says more than words. For friendly user help, it is important to provide illustrations.
  • Some users are visual learners. Images help to include them.
  • Images help users locate things on the screen.
  • Images provide feedback by matching what's on the screen with the screenshot.

Disadvantages of screenshot images

  • MediaWiki has a built-in import/export feature, but this doesn't work with images.
  • Licensing issues. Can MediaWiki screenshots be licensed PD?
  • We can get by without them. Nothing we describe in the help pages requires an image to illustrate.
  • Images increase overall file size.
  • Layout/colour differences between the installation (+selected skin) and the screenshots may be confusing.

Tips för de AdministratooreEdit

Wann en dä Hölp_Sigge jet es, wat enem ßööver singe Administrator enshtelle künnt, do kanns De ene Tip för dä met {{Admin tip|tip=text}} enboue.


All Sigge em „Hölp:“-Appachtemang sin — esu ham_mer dat faßjelaat — Deijl vum Prjäk för jemeinfreije Dokkemtäntazjuhn. Se sullte met Category:Help en de Saachjropp jedonn wääde, wan en Sigg en Änglesch es. Wann nit, doht et Shprooche_Köözel dohenger schriive, för Ripoaresch/Kölsch zom Beishpöll Category:Help/ksh, udder Category:Help/de för Dütsch, un esu wigger.

Fröjer hatte mer de Saachjropp Category:PD Help doför. För et eijfacher ze maache, es di jäz op Category:Help ömjenannt woode un alle Sigge sen aanjepaß.

Süsch och heeEdit

  • Project:Language policy wann De aan de ovversaz, nit de änglesche, Versione vun dä Sigge werreke wells.
  • Project:PD help/export beklaafe, wi mer et Appachtemang „Hölp“ bruchbaar expoteere kann. Dat es all noch em Floß un mer sen daövver aam simmelleere, un et deiht noch nit fluppe.
  • Project:PD help/mirroring der Klaaf övver ene andere Wääsh, wi mer Sigge un wat dobei jehöt vun holle kann, di zweschedren jebruch wääde kann.