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This page is a translated version of the page Project:PD help and the translation is 40% complete.
Help pages are released without copyrights (as public domain)
Help pages are released without copyrights (as public domain)

Project:PD help is a project to create a set of concise user help pages for MediaWiki users, i.e. for visitors to a website which is powered by MediaWiki. The project covers all content in the Help namespace. The main entry point for this is Help:Continguts .

This help documentation is separate from the Manual (the GFDL and CC BY-SA-licensed MediaWiki administrator's manual). Contributors, please be clear about the differences! The PD help pages do not contain information for server administrators, about how to install, configure, or maintain MediaWiki software. See the 'Goal' section below, for a detailed statement of what we are trying to achieve.

Security Please do not copy and paste content from Meta-Wiki's Help pages in here. They were written under the GFDL and CC BY-SA licenses and are not in the public domain.


L'objectiu és proporcionar un conjunt de pàgines, que es poden copiar en una nova instal·lació wiki o incloure a la distribució MediaWiki. Això inclourà informació bàsica de l'usuari, juntament amb altra informació de Meta, en una forma raonablement concisa. El concepte bàsic és crear una "Guia d'usuari" comprimida, no una obra de referència. Hauria de centrar-se en el que els usuaris volen i no explicar altres funcions.


Les contribucions a PD Help es publiquen com a domini públic a través de l'exempció CC0. Això és necessari per permetre als usuaris copiar fàcilment el text en les seves pròpies instal·lacions wiki. Si us plau, assegureu-vos d'entendre el següent abans de contribuir:

  • Cada pàgina de PD Help ha de contenir la línia {{PD Help Page}} per indicar la llicència.
  • No es pot copiar contingut d'altres llocs en aquestes pàgines. Les úniques excepcions són:
  1. El contingut que s'està copiant és personal vostre (p. ex. l'autor), o bé heu documentat el permís de l'autor/s original/s.
  2. El contingut que ja es troba en Domini públic s'hi pot copiar; tanmateix, això NO inclou la majoria de pàgines web publicades!
  • Esteu cedint tots els drets a la informació que contribueix a aquest treball. Encara que continuareu tenint les vostres contribucions llistades i atribuïdes en aquest lloc, altres poden copiar el text sense donar cap referència de l'autoria i poden modificar-lo com considerin oportú.

Lectors de destinació: Usuaris normals

Les pàgines d'ajuda estan molt dirigides als visitants normals d'un lloc web wiki.

No pels administradors del servidor

No pretenem duplicar la documentació completa de MediaWiki. La informació dirigida als administradors del servidor, detallant la instal·lació, configuració o manteniment de MediaWiki, pertany al Manual.

L'excepció només petita a això, són les caixes "Consells d'administració" (descrites a continuació).

Information for sysop / bureaucrat users less prominent

The Help pages would not be complete without also describing what 'sysop' users can do. However, these advanced features are not available to a majority of the target audience (most wiki users). As such, this information is to be kept slightly separate from the majority of the contents, so that normal users are not confronted with information which is not relevant to them.

Within the bulk of the Help pages, brief mentions of actions which require sysop privileges may be deemed necessary; but, detailed descriptions of sysop procedures should be tucked away on less prominently linked pages, or should be left out of the Help pages, altogether.

This section is under discussion

Editorial guidelines

  • Create links between the pages, but avoid linking to other namespaces on Keep the links internal to the public domain help pages, or make external links (full URL) to relevant resources, e.g. on This is to facilitate easier copying of the text into fresh wiki installations. Do not use interwiki links, as these may not exist in the target wiki.
  • We probably don't want to swap in the {{SITENAME}} syntax anywhere. MediaWiki is the name of the software we are describing. This is the Content Management Software (CMS), that enables the destination wiki to run, so anywhere where our text is referring to the software (everywhere throughout help), it should be left as a literal string "MediaWiki". If, for some reason, the help text is mentioning the name of the site, then this would be an appropriate exception (use {{SITENAME}}). However, we are not going to swap this in everywhere we mention the word MediaWiki.
  • Translations should be done after the English version of a page has reached a stable status. The naming convention is Pagetitle/language-code (e.g. Help:Editing/pt).
  • Unless you have the perfect solution for navigation in this manual, please refrain from creating navigation templates, and focus content creation first.
  • Do not use extensions such as Cite, since they are not installed on all MediaWiki installations.


  • Formatting should be consistent. Use class="wikitable" for any tables you create, highlight cells or rows with {{Hl1}} etc.
  • All wiki markup and code should be put in ‎<code> or ‎<pre> tags. Help for inserting: {{subst:nw|text}}.
  • All references to menu texts and descriptions should appear in italic.

Screenshot images

Screenshots are useful. PD help pages should contain only public-domain screenshots; avoid any logos from being included in screenshots, and upload them to Commons with {{MediaWiki screenshot}} (for GPL), and {{CC-zero}} (for the user's work) license templates.

Images are shipped with the documentation or accessed from Commons with InstantCommons .

Admin tips

If something in Help can be configured by a server administrator, you may insert an 'admin tip' with {{Admin tip}}.


All pages in the "Help:" namespace are, by definition, part of this public domain Help documentation project and should be categorized Categoria:Ajuda . Help pages for MediaWiki extensions, should be categorized in its subcategory Categoria:Ajuda de les extensions .

The former category for pages in the "Help:" namespace, this public domain Help documentation project, was Category:PD help. In keeping with simplicity, the category is now simply Categoria:Ajuda and all pages have been updated.

See also

  • Project:Language policy  — If you are interested in working on non-English versions of the help pages.
  • Project:PD help/export  — Discusses a proposed method of creating usable dumps of the Help: namespace. This is still at the discussion stage and is not yet functional.