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IRC はここにリダイレクトしています。IRCに関するMediaWikiの拡張機能についてはカテゴリ:IRCの拡張機能 を参照してください。

The MediaWiki project uses IRC channels (hosted on Libera.Chat) for real-time communication. Here you can ask technical questions, or chat with the developers. IRC is one of our communication channels.

どのチャンネルを使えばいいか分からない場合は、#mediawiki チャンネルでお確かめください。誤った場所にいる場合は誰かがどこが質問をするのに最も良いところかを教えてくれるでしょう。 ヘルプの要請を #mediawiki チャットルームへ持ち込む前に準備すること:

  1. 既によくある質問 を読みましたか? Project:ヘルプ は調べましたか?
  2. 問題の解決法が既にないか、MediaWiki.orgメタ・ウィキ、インターネットの検索エンジンで検索するとヒットするかもしれません。



The #mediawiki channel is the main place for real-time discussion and questions about the MediaWiki software. Developers and other knowledgeable users are here to answer your technical questions.

#mediawiki 接続 logs old logs (pre-2021)#mediawiki-it 接続 - イタリア語

#mediawiki-es 接続 - スペイン語


This channel is primarily meant for technical questions about Wikimedia projects, such as This includes templates, gadgets, and questions about MediaWiki software development in general.

#wikimedia-tech 接続 logs old logs (pre-2021)


This channel contains activity feeds about bugs and code commits. Sofware developers sometimes talk in this channel, although they often use #wikimedia-tech or #mediawiki instead.

#wikimedia-dev 接続 logs old logs (pre-2021)


This channel is often used for scheduled meetings. This includes both technical meetings and non-technical meetings. Meetings are scheduled at m:IRC office hours, and may be announced on the Wikitech-l mailing list.

#wikimedia-office 接続 logs old logs (pre-2021)



IRC への接続

You can join an IRC channel via your web browser, or by installing an IRC application. If you already have an IRC application, then clicking the links above should take you straight to the appropriate channel. To join from your browser, follow the "connect" links instead.

Here are some links that may help:


  • Check that this is the best method of communication for your particular problem.
  • It's okay to idle. You can stay connected or read along without talking. Sometimes you won't get an answer immediately.
  • Don't ask to ask. If you have a question - just ask it!
  • Provide all the info when asking a question. Feel free to include details right away. Use a pastebin for long error messages and share the link.


  • Libera.Chat - #mediawiki をホスティングしているネットワーク