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Server-URLs und Dateipfade: $IP
Der vollständige Pfad zum Installationsverzeichnis.
Eingeführt in Version:pre 1.1.0
Entfernt in Version:weiterhin vorhanden
Erlaubte Werte:(Zeichenkette des vollen Dateipfads.)
Standardwert:The MW_INSTALL_PATH environment variable, or if not set, the current working directory

Manually setting this variable to the absolute path to MediaWiki on disk from LocalSettings.php was necessary in older versions of MediaWiki. However, at least since MediaWiki 1.18, manually defining $IP in LocalSettings.php is no longer needed and no longer works as you may expect. It will default to the current working directory and it can be used without the need to define it manually.

If you have to override the default value you have to declare the environment variable MW_INSTALL_PATH. See the documentation of your webserver for how to do it.

Note that you can't just override $IP from your LocalSettings.php if you do not want to fix also all the variables that are based on it, like $wgExtensionDirectory etc.


Die Bezeichnung „IP“ steht für Installationspfad. Die Variable beinhaltet den lokalen Dateipfad zur Basisinstallation deines Wikis. Stell sicher, dass du den vollständigen und korrekten Pfad einträgst. Füge keinen abschließenden Schrägstrich am Ende des Pfads an.

In MediaWiki 1.16 and prior, where the DefaultSettings.php file still had to be loaded from inside LocalSettings.php, the directory to load it from was determined by the IP variable.

Unlike other variables, the default is set in WebStart.php instead of in DefaultSettings.php.

Setting the MW_INSTALL_PATH environmental variable can sometimes be useful when running maintenance scripts that are in non-standard directories. (Maintenance scripts by default use the parent of the current working directory as $IP).