Help:Structured Discussions/FlowDeluxe

FlowDeluxe is a user script to customize the display of discussion pages running with Structured Discussions (Flow).

How to get it?Edit

You need to add the following code to your common.js:


The inclusion of the script alone will not change anything. You have to choose the options you want from the list below and add them in your common.js.

The code to include all current options:

flowDeluxeSujetsOuverts = "#A9F5F2"; //Color open topics
flowDeluxeSujetsClos = "rgba(60, 207, 90, 0.13)"; //Color closed topics
flowDeluxeDiscuterContributions = true; //Display (talk | contribs) links
flowDeluxeDateComplete = true; //Show dates
flowDeluxeBoutonsResumes = true; //Insert templates in summary
flowDeluxeIndentationColors = true; //Colored indentation
flowDeluxeNeverHide = true; //Never hide topics
flowDeluxeButtonsInline = true; //Action buttons inline

List of optionsEdit

Colored indentation  Edit

Exemple of colorful indentation with gadget.

Messages are colored as in the old discussion system:

flowDeluxeIndentationColors = true;

Color open topicsEdit

Colors the title/summary for all opened topics with the color code you choose (hexadecimal or rgb). Example:

flowDeluxeSujetsOuverts = "#A9F5F2";

Color closed topicsEdit

Colors the title/summary for all closed topics with the color code you choose (hexadecimal or rgb). Example:

flowDeluxeSujetsClos = "rgba(60, 207, 90, 0.13)";

Permanent links for talk and contribsEdit

Always display (talk | contribs) next to usernames. For admins, the "block" link also appears.

flowDeluxeDiscuterContributions = true;

Always show datesEdit

To display the date and time of messages instead of only having "a day ago":

flowDeluxeDateComplete = true;

Insert templates in the summaryEdit

(Only on

flowDeluxeBoutonsResumes = true;

Never hide closed topicsEdit

Never hide closed topics:

flowDeluxeNeverHide = true;

Display action buttons on one lineEdit

An example with a yellow background for an open topic and action buttons inline

Display buttons inline, instead of using the dropdown list with "..."

flowDeluxeButtonsInline = true;

Future developmentsEdit

  • Block the description on the top or on the right
  • Summary permanently deployed right

Report a bugEdit