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Cite (引用) は、脚注をページに追加できるようにします。 詳細な説明は Extension:Cite を参照してください。


Two HTML-style tags are used to define and show footnotes: <ref>, <references />


Single use footnotes are defined by enclosing content within <ref>...</ref>, e.g.:


A footnote used multiple times may be defined with a name:

<ref name="foo">文字列</ref>

To invoke a named footnote:

<ref name="foo" />

Footnotes may be defined in groups:

<ref group="foo">文字列</ref>

Names and groups may not be a numeric integer. The quotes are optional unless the name includes a space, punctuation or other mark. It is recommended that names be kept simple and restricted to the ASCII character set.

<references />

To display the reference list, after some or all of the <ref>...</ref> tags, include:

<references />

You can use <references /> multiple times on a page, e.g. to generate a reference list beneath a table.

To display footnotes defined in a group, include:

<references group="foo" />

The reference list can display automatically split over multiple columns, if there's enough width and there are enough references. On narrow screens, readers will see one or maybe two columns, whereas on wider screens they will get two or more. On wikis with the default configuration, this will happen on every page; on others, you need to activate it. To force it off for a particular use, include:

<references responsive="0" />

To force it on, instead include:

<references responsive />

エラー メッセージ

If the <ref> or <references /> tags are used incorrectly, the Cite extension will add an error message to the page. These messages will usually be in bold red text. This section lists the error messages and explains how to fix the problems.

メッセージ 問題点 解決法
Messages in the body of the article
無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) がない場合は引用句の内容が必要です

There is no content between the <ref>...</ref> tags. Either put content between the <ref> tags (<ref>content</ref>), or (if you're reusing a named reference that's been defined elsewhere in the article) use a single tag <ref name="ref_name" />.
冒頭の <ref> タグは正しくない形式であるか、不適切な名前です A named reference has a malformed name. This is produced by a construct like <ref />, which makes no sense. As above, either create a full reference (<ref>content</ref>) or give the tag a name (<ref name="ref_name" />).
無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) が無効です (数が多すぎる、など)

A <ref> tag has too many parameters You can only specify two parameters, name= and group=. You can't, for instance, format a reference with <ref style="color:red;">content</ref>, or give it an id.
無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) に単なる整数は使用できません。説明的なものにしてください

The name of the reference is a pure number. To avoid naming conflicts (as unnamed references are automatically assigned numbers as names) this is not allowed. Rename the reference to contain at least one letter (e.g. <ref name="foo" /> instead of <ref name="123" />). It's good practice to give references meaningful names anyway. Make sure that when changing the name you update all the tags that refer to that reference!
<ref> タグに対応する </ref> タグが不足しています A reference is missing the closing </ref>. Make sure that you are either using a closed pair of tags (<ref>content</ref>), or one single tag with a forward slash at the end to mark it as a single tag (<ref />)
Messages at the end of the article
無効な <ref> タグです。


A single ref tag named "foo" (<ref name="foo" />) was invoked, but there is no full reference named "foo" (<ref name="foo">content</ref>) from which to get the reference text. You may have misspelt the reference name, or used special characters that look the same but are actually different. For instance, <ref name="foo-bar">content</ref> and <ref name="foo–bar" /> are not the same: one contains a hyphen while the other uses an ndash. To avoid this sort of error, try to stick to the characters available on the standard keyboard. Alternatively, the full reference may have been removed from the article with other content. In this case the text of the reference will be available in the page history, and you can convert the single <ref /> tag into a full reference.
MediaWiki:Cite error references invalid input (除去済) The <references /> tag is malformed. You need to ensure that the <references /> tag is properly formed.
無効な <references> タグの引数です。 Parameters such as style= or id= were passed to the <references /> tag.
MediaWiki:Cite error references invalid parameters group (除去済) The <references /> tag is malformed.
Cite error: <ref> tags exist, but no <references /> tag was found The <references /> tag was not included at the end of the article. Add the <references /> tag at the bottom of the article, below the last set of |ref= tags.
The <ref> tag immediately before <references /> does not have a closing </ref>. Fix the <ref> tag as explained above
There are <ref>...</ref> tags after <references />. Move the <references /> tag (or the {{reflist}} template) to below the last reference.
The use of <ref>...</ref> tags followed by a <references /> tag occurs more than once on the same page, but the <references /> tag is produced by a template (e.g. {{reflist}}). There is no solution other than avoiding the use of a template if possible.
Another tag extension used in the same page before the <references /> tag is buggy (calls Parser->parse() instead of Parser->recursiveTagParse()). Update/fix the buggy tag extension.
カスタム バックリンク ラベルを使い果たしました。

[[MediaWiki:Cite references link many format backlink labels]] メッセージでの定義を増やしてください。

A named reference was used more than 702 times, thereby exhausting the list of available labels ("a", "b"... "aa", "ab"... "zy", "zz"). It should probably never be necessary to cite one source this many times. Consider whether some cites can be combined or removed, or edit MediaWiki:Cite references link many format backlink labels to add additional labels (maybe "aaa", "aab", etc).
「$1」という名前のグループの <ref> タグがありますが、対応する <references group="$1"/> タグが見つからない、または閉じる </ref> タグがありません The group parameter was used in a reference, but the corresponding <references /> tag was not included with a group parameter Make sure that there is a <references /> tag on the page with the appropriate |group= parameter set.
The reference immediately before <references /> does not have a closing </ref>. Fix as for normal <references /> tags as explained above.
There are <ref>...</ref> tags using a group after <references />.
無効な <ref> タグ; name "$1"が異なる内容で複数回定義されています A named reference is defined multiple times with different content. Change all but one of the defined names (including all the appearances of this name without text).
MediaWiki:Cite error key str invalid (除去済) Internal software error. These messages should never occur. If you see them in articles, please contact the MediaWiki developers, who may be able to resolve the situation. (These error messages have been removed.)
MediaWiki:Cite error stack invalid input (除去済)


Internal messages are generated by the Cite.php extension and shown as a MediaWiki message. See the Parser hooks section of Special:Version for the installed version of Cite.php. These messages are in the MediaWiki namespace and can be modified only by admins.

Cite.php の内部的なメッセージ MediaWiki のメッセージ
Cite error 引用エラー: $1
Cite error key str invalid (除去済)
Cite error ref no input 無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) がない場合は引用句の内容が必要です

Cite error ref no key 冒頭の <ref> タグは正しくない形式であるか、不適切な名前です
Cite error ref numeric key 無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) に単なる整数は使用できません。説明的なものにしてください

Cite error ref too many keys 無効な <ref> タグです。

名前 (name 属性) が無効です (数が多すぎる、など)

Cite error references invalid input (除去済)
Cite error references invalid parameters 無効な <references> タグの引数です。
Cite error references invalid parameters group (除去済)
Cite error references no backlink label カスタム バックリンク ラベルを使い果たしました。

[[MediaWiki:Cite references link many format backlink labels]] メッセージでの定義を増やしてください。

Cite references link many format backlink labels This is a list of the backlink labels used in the reference list, currently from a to zz
Cite error references no text 無効な <ref> タグです。


Cite error included ref <ref> タグに対応する </ref> タグが不足しています
Cite error stack invalid input (除去済)
Cite error refs without references (除去済)
Cite error group refs without references 「$1」という名前のグループの <ref> タグがありますが、対応する <references group="$1"/> タグが見つからない、または閉じる </ref> タグがありません
Cite error references duplicate key 無効な <ref> タグ; name "$1"が異なる内容で複数回定義されています