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Growth チームニュースレター第21号


Growth チームのニュースレター第21号をお届けします!


Mockup of the Impact module, redesigned to add Positive reinforcement.
  • The Growth team started a new project: Positive reinforcement. We want newcomers to understand there is an interest in regularly editing Wikipedia, and we want to improve new editor retention.
  • We asked users from Arabic, Bangla, Czech and French Wikipedia about their feedback. Some people participated at as well.
  • We summarized the initial feedback gathered from these community discussions, along with how we plan to iterate based on that feedback.
  • The first Positive Reinforcement idea is a redesign of the impact module: incorporating stats, graphs, and other contribution information. This idea received the widest support, and we plan to start our work based on the design illustrated on the side.
  • Please let us know what you think of this project, in any language.

For mentors


  • "Add a link" available at more wikisAdd a link feature has been deployed to more wikis: Catalan Wikipedia, Hebrew Wikipedia, Hindi Wikipedia, Korean Wikipedia, Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia, Portuguese Wikipedia, Simple English Wikipedia, Swedish Wikipedia, Ukrainian Wikipedia, Abkhazian Wikipedia, Achinese Wikipedia, Adyghe Wikipedia, Afrikaans Wikipedia, Akan Wikipedia, Alemannisch Wikipedia, Amharic Wikipedia, Aragonese Wikipedia, Old English Wikipedia, Syriac Wikipedia, Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia, Asturian Wikipedia, Atikamekw Wikipedia, Avaric Wikipedia, Aymara Wikipedia, Azerbaijani Wikipedia, South Azerbaijani Wikipedia. This is part of the progressive deployment of this tool to more Wikipedias. The communities can configure locally how this feature works.
  • "Add an image" available at more wikisAdd an image feature will be deployed to more wikis: Greek Wikipedia, Indonesian Wikipedia, Polish Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia. These communities will be able to configure locally how this feature works. [1]

Suggested edits

  • Selecting topicsWe have created an "AND" filter to the list of topics at Special:Homepage. This way, newcomers can decide to select very specific topics ("Transportation" AND "Asia") or to have a broader selection ("Transportation" OR "Asia"). At the moment this feature is tested at pilot wikis.
  • Changes for Add a linkWe have built several improvements that came from community discussion and from data analysis. They will be available soon at the wikis.
    • Algorithm improvementsThe algorithm now avoids recommending links in sections that usually don't have links and for first names. Also, it now limits each article to only having three link suggestions by default (limited to the highest accuracy suggestions of all the available ones in the article).
    • User experience improvementsWe added a confirmation dialog when a user exits out of suggestion mode prior to making changes. We also improved post-edit dialog experience and allow newcomers to browse through task suggestions from the post-edit dialog.
    • Community configurationWe allow communities to set a maximum number of links per article via Special:EditGrowthConfig.
    • Future change for Add a link featureWe will suggest underlinked articles in priority. [2]
  • Patrolling suggested editsSome users at Arabic Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia, and Russian Wikipedia told us that "Add a link" and "Add an image" edits can be challenging to patrol. We are now brainstorming improvements to help address this challenge. We have already some ideas and we started some work to address this challenge. If you have any thoughts to add about the challenges of reviewing these tasks or how we should improve these tasks further, please let us know, in any language.


Communities can configure how the features work, using Special:EditGrowthConfig.

  • Communities can set the maximum number of "add an image" suggested tasks a newcomer can complete daily. [3]
  • Future change: allow communities to customize the "add a link" quality gate threshold easily, using Special:EditGrowthConfig. [4]

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