Extension:Page Forms/Authors and credits

Page Forms was created, and mostly written by, Yaron Koren, reachable at yaron57 -at- gmail.com. Stephan Gambke contributed significant parts of the code, especially of the JavaScript, as well as the "datepicker" and "regexp" input types (both originally written for the Semantic Forms Inputs extension).

Various features have been added by students taking part in the Google Summer of Code:

  • The jQuery and related JavaScript functionality was initially created by Sanyam Goyal as part of the 2010 Google Summer of Code
  • The code to integrate with the Page Schemas extension was created by Ankit Garg as part of the 2011 Google Summer of Code.
  • The section-handling code was added by Himeshi De Silva as part of the 2013 Google Summer of Code.
  • The code for the "tokens" and "combobox" input types, as well as integration with the External Data extension, were added by Jatin Mehta as part of the 2014 Google Summer of Code.
  • Support for hierarchies in the Cargo extension was added by Feroz Ahmad as part of the 2017 Google Summer of Code.
  • The page Special:MultiPageEdit was added by Yashdeep Thorat as part of the 2018 Google Summer of Code.
  • Handling of "display=calendar" was added by Priyanshu Varshney as part of the 2019 Google Summer of Code.
  • Use of the jExcel and jsTree libraries, and greater use of the OOUI library, were added by Amr El-Absy as part of the 2020 Google Summer of Code.
  • Autocompletion within the spreadsheet interface was added by Yash Varshney as part of the 2021 Google Summer of Code.

Important code contributions have also been made by Addshore, Anjali Kumari, Christoph Burgmer, Cindy Cicalese, Clément Flipo, Daniel Friesen, Eugene Mednikov, Harold Solbrig, Ilmārs Poikāns, Jayson Harshbarger, Jeffrey Stuckman, Jeroen De Dauw, Joel Natividad, Louis Gerbarg, LY Meng, Mark Hershberger, Mathias Lidal, Matt Williamson, MWJames, Niklas Laxstrom, Nils Opperman, Paladox, Pastakhov, Patrick Nagel, Peter Grassberger, Pierre Boutet, Reedy, Remco de Boer, Sahaj Khandelwal, Sam Wilson, Sebastian Richter, Sergey Chernyshev, Siebrand Mazeland, Solitarius, Tom Fellows, Umherirrender, Vedmaka, wheresmytab and others.

Various portions of the development of this software have been funded, most notably by Google (i.e., the Google Summer of Code), as well as by the Ballerup Municipality of Denmark.

Page Forms contains the JavaScript libraries fancyBox, FullCalendar, Jspreadsheet, jsTree, RateYo!, Select2 and SortableJS, and also makes use of the JavaScript libraries jQuery, OOjs and OOUI, all contained within MediaWiki.