Identity edit

Name: Ankit Garg


Working info edit

Time zone: GMT+5.30(India)

Typical working hours: 10AM to 8 PM (flexible)

About me edit

My name is Ankit Garg.I am a student of Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology Management , Jaipur , India. I am very excited about the google summer of code programme . It is a great learning curve for a student like me . I have done programming in various languages including C, PHP, Javascript(jQuery and YUI)

Some contributions to MediaWiki edit

1) Extension UrlGetParams : Modified the extension to accept array parameters now . now u can write {{#urlget:a[key]|default-value))

2) Working on Extension:ReplaceText Working to support regular expression support for the extension .

I will update this page with more information ---------------