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About MeEdit

I am an undergraduate, final-year student, pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IIT Indore). Despite my circuital branch, my huge interest in programming allowed me to take online programming courses in OOPS, Web-Development, Machine learning, data science and microservices. I have participated in various hackathons like Wittyhacks, Jio Hackathon 2018, Dare2Compete bagging good ranks in all of them. Email ID :

An overview of my MediaWiki-development experienceEdit

My journey for the MediaWiki-development started with Google Summer of Code. I was introduced to Wikimedia Foundation through GSoC in 2018. I had worked with two of the major extensions used in MediaWiki which are Page Forms and Cargo.

In 2019, I was selected as Google Summer of Code participant under the mentor ship of Yaron Koren.

My project for GSoC was creating a special display interface for the MediaWiki Page Forms extension that allowed users to manage events and allows creation and editing for pages that call templates that contain one or more date/ datetime fields through a single calendar-like interface. There was a project in the 2018 Google Summer of Code that added a new special page to the Page Forms extension, Special:MultiPageEdit, which lets users edit and create lots of pages at once from a single spreadsheet interface. There was an idea to have a similar interface for creating and editing pages from a calendar interface, for pages that call templates that contain one or more date fields.

In August 2019, I successfully completed my GSoC project. the details of the project can be found below in the Updates section.

CIS-A2K/Events/MediaWiki Training/2019Edit

I have participated in Mediawiki Training event organised by CIS-A2K in June, 2019. I actively participated in the event which helped the fellow participants to develop code and contribute to MediaWiki extensions. I developed a tool for disabled people who can not type. I developed the tool using the Google Speech recognition API. I am also the Google Summer of Code participant with Wikimedia Foundation in 2019. This way I have knowledge of prominent extensions like - PageForms and Cargo. The details of the programme are here.


I am working on the project : My github profile:


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