Name: Sanyam Goyal


Project title:- Javascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWiki

Working info


Time zone: GMT+5.30(India)

Typical working hours: 10AM to 8 PM (flexible)

Project summary


Improve and extend the Javascript for Semantic MediaWiki and some of its spinoff extensions, most notably Semantic Forms. This would include transferring over much of the Javascript to use the jQuery library, which is now becoming a MediaWiki standard.

About me


My name is Sanyam. I am Graduate from Computer Science department , IIT Mumbai, India. I am interested in applying for google summer of code 2010. I very much like the idea of open-source and I am passionate to be a part of one. I want to do this awesome project because It will give me an opportunity to work with a large open-source community,So that I can learn more about it.

I am a passionate programmer . I have done programming in various languages including C++,Java, PHP, Javascript , etc. I liked the idea that was proposed by Yaron Koren to improve the Javascript of semantic MediaWiki extensions. I believe that semantic MediaWiki is gaining popularity as the concept of semantic Web is growing, In that believe it is important to improve semantic Wiki to match user expectations. I think this project will be a good stepping stone in that direction.



Required deliverables


In the Semantic MediaWiki extension:

  • change Special:Ask to use jQuery and add autocompletion to the top two input windows

In the Semantic Forms extension:

  • add a jQuery-based library like jqGrid for editing multiple-instance templates
  • change the file-upload window to use jQuery instead of the Floatbox library

* change autocompletion to use jQuery instead of YUI ..Done

  • make 'Special:CreateTemplate' and 'Special:CreateClass' pages more dynamic, using jQuery

In the Semantic Drilldown extension:

  • change the 'combobox' input to use jQuery instead of ext

If time permits


In the Semantic Forms Inputs extension

  • change the 'combobox' input to use jQuery instead of YUI, and possibly add it directly in to Semantic Forms
  • change the 'datepicker' input to use jQuery

Project schedule


1. May-(first week) :- Programming Begins :

2. 12th July:- Finishing Required deleiverables (At least Two Semantic MediaWiki extension and Semantic Forms extension:

3. 23 rd August :- Project submission with Complete documentation of the work done



work style

When I am deciding What to do I like to discuss among peers but when the work is decided I like to do it by myself. I like to keep things small and make small additions and in the process keep checking for errors. I don't like to hang the errors till the complete code is written.

how you plan to communicate progress

I plan to maintain a blog and update it with daily work. I will post any problems , errors, Interesting findings on that blog itself.

where you plan to publish your source code while you're working

I plan to use a SVN repository and commit daily.

how and where you plan to ask for help

I will be logged in on IRC everyday, If any problem occurs that I need help ,I will ask on IRC first. I will also post that problem in the blog. If I don't get an answer then I will mail it to developers mailing list cced to my mentor about the problem.

Past open source experience

  • Implemented a Gallery2(open-source) web album printing plug-in in PHP using and Gallery2 API
  • Implemented a multi-threaded desktop client for uploading photos based on the open-source Flickr Uploader in XulRunner

Additional info