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Would you like to get the Desktop Improvements?Edit

Did you know?

According to our data, 88% of active editors of the first 13 pilot wikis have decided to keep our improvements.


Would you like Wikipedia in [...] to have the interface adjusted to readers' and contributors' needs?

Why are we doing this?Edit

We are changing Wikipedia to become a friendlier website. When we finish, the new desktop interface will be easier to use, more welcoming, and more intuitive. It will also continue being like a workshop for contributors. We are gradually deploying the improvements on more and more wikis. We would like Wikipedia in [...] to have the improvements as well.

How would the changes work?Edit

  • If you agree, the improved features will be visible by default both for logged-in and logged-out.
  • These changes are for Vector only (it's the default skin). All users of Monobook or other skins will not see any difference.
  • Logged-in users will be able to keep the current look individually.
  • We will not change the article content (as marked on the graphic to the right). We will not remove any functionality.
  • We are changing one feature at a time. Each change is discussed, developed, and deployed separately.
  • After improving all features, we will improve the overall look. We don't have any vision of the final effect.

What changes are we going to make at the beginning?Edit

So far, we have deployed:

  • Reconfigured logo - which will allow us to make the header sticky (fixed at the top of the screen). The sticky header will include the search, article tabs, and the user menu.
  • Collapsible sidebar - which allows to focus on the content. On some wikis, this has been a gadget.
  • Limited content width in articles and similar pages (not special pages or other pages containing logs) - which makes reading and learning easier. For more details about this change, like what we would do with the empty space or how this relates to large tables, see our FAQ.
  • Moved and improved search - which allows searching more quickly and effectively (provides pictures and descriptions of the search terms).
  • Exposed language button - which helps to notice the interlanguage links and allows to switch between the languages more often. Language switching is up to 4 times faster!
  • Consolidated user menu - which makes it easier to understand the context of the links. Also, this will allow us to later make the header sticky.
  • Sticky header - focused on allowing access to important functionality (logging in/out, history, talk pages, etc.) without requiring people to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Table of contents - which makes it easier to understand the context of the page, the part of the page that's being viewed, and jump between sections without requiring people to scroll to the top of the page.

We will deploy more features in the next months.

How we collaborate with the communities?Edit


We learn about the readers' and communities' preferences using a variety of methods. You can find all major reports on our Repository page.

  • Prior to building any feature, we perform research with readers and editors. We identify the problems with usability, and base our decisions on the findings of this research (example).
  • We also perform user research on prototypes of our proposed changes to make sure they address the identified problems (example).
  • We have run three larger-scale prototype testing rounds (first, second, third). In these, editors could gain an understanding of our ideas, and share what they appreciate or find confusing.
  • Shortly after the deployment of each change, we collect data on how readers and editors use the changed functionality. Depending on the feature, we may divide users into two groups where only one can see the change. After the test, we compare the results and establish whether the changed interface works better.
  • We organize open meetings for the communities. Anyone can come and talk to us.
  • Volunteers have shared feedback on talk pages. This has been taking place on the project talk page, but also on the Village Pumps.
  • In 2019 at Wikimania, we had a roundtable discussion (outcomes). We also had a similar session last year.

How can you participate?Edit

The project I've just introduced is called Desktop Improvements, it's developed by the WMF Web team, and my name is Szymon.

Do you agree to use the changed interface?