Platform Engineering Team

This team has the primary responsibility for the Platform that supports the projects of the Wikimedia Movement. The platform is comprised of MediaWiki, Data Platform, API Platform, Platform Operations, WMF Dumps and the Wikimedia service infrastructure which provides our services, APIs and tools. Additionally, the team supports MediaWiki as a FLOSS product to be used by 3rd parties to host and share knowledge in a variety of contexts.


We shepherd Wikimedia’s essential software and infrastructure technologies enabling our users and developers to unlock free knowledge.

Collaborating with us

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Helpful Stuff

Watch our demos

All Platform Value Stream demos and presentation explaining our work, what we've learned and what we've built.

Acceptance Criteria Form(Code, Services and Extensions)

This form can be used to request Platform Engineering team review of existing Code bases, Service, MediaWiki Extensions or infrastructure that is in need of stewardship for which we might be a good home.

Team Skill Matrix

Here we break down our team members current knowledge level for each code base, service, Mediawiki extension and infrastructure for which the team is accountable.

Personal Development and X% time projects

The Platform Engineering Team intentionally sets aside 10% of our work time to actively work on novel ideas that are not necessarily directly related to our on going core objectives.

Value Stream Teams

Value streams are how we align our subteams within Platform Engineering, focusing on building capabilities that support our future product and technology goals. See below for a link to each value stream within the Platform Engineering team.

API Platform Value Stream

The API Platform facilitates self-service application development using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Data Platform Value Stream

The Data Platform team serves data producers and data consumers

Metrics Platform Value Stream

The Metrics Platform is a suite of services, standard libraries, and APIs for producing and consuming data of all kinds from Wikimedia Foundation products.

Expedition Value Stream

Applying basic MVC conception to separate concerns and drive discussion of refactoring

Platform Operations & Dumps

This team is responsible for all maintenance, sustainability and operation of services, infrastructure and products owned by the Platform Engineering team as well as the crucially important Wikimedia Dumps.

Platform Humans