Platform Engineering Team/Metrics Platform Value Stream

Mission / ObjectiveEdit

The Metrics Platform is a suite of services, standard libraries, and APIs for producing and consuming data of all kinds from Wikimedia Foundation products. For data producers, it aims to simplify the task of designing, implementing, and maintaining data-producing code (also called instrumentation), while offering better guarantees of quality, rigor, and safety. For data consumers, it aims to streamline the process of defining a new dataset and offer a rich set of tools to answer questions and generate insights with data. A detailed breakdown along with documentation can be found on our Wikitech Metrics Platform page.

What the Metrics Platform can doEdit

  • specifies how clients work with the Event Platform
  • provides standardized algorithms, behaviors, and basic necessities for web and app tracking, including:
  • standardized session ID generation, consistent across MediaWiki, Android, and iOs
  • attaching the necessary metadata to logged events such as client-side timestamp recording when the event was generated
  • determining which events are in-sample or out-of-sample based on a specific identifier (pageview, session, device)

Work Intake ProcessEdit

For significant projects, you can follow Platform Engineering teams how to work with us process.

For work related to bugs, features or support on the Metrics Platform or any of its client libraries, you can contact Lead Product Manager Emil Chetty directly or create a task on our Phabricator board, tagged with #metrics-platform assigned to echetty(Emil Chetty). The team meets throughout the week and triages on a rolling basis.

Metrics Platform Value Stream DemoEdit

On a regular cadence, the Metrics Platform Value Stream team will post demos of our developments/works in progress here to provide transparency and gather feedback.

Demo SessionsEdit

Note: You'll need to be signed in with your WMF account to view these videos.

Date Links Presenters
2021/09/08 First Demo Desiree Abad

Onboarded ProjectsEdit