MediaWiki Engineering Group

MediaWiki Engineering is a group within the Product and Technology department of the Wikimedia Foundation. The group commenced its work in July 2023. Director of Engineering is Mat Nadrofsky. Director of Product for MediaWiki is Birgit Müller.

MediaWiki Engineering consists of 3 teams:

The group's principal engineers are Timo Tijhof, Subramanya Sastry, Moriel Schottlender and Daniel Kinzler.

Q1 focus (July-September 2023) edit

  • Operations and Onboarding
    • Develop and define team operations and scope on group and team levels
    • MediaWiki + MediaWiki APIs onboarding (i.e. via code mob, knowledge sharing around specific components)
  • Active projects
    • Continue long term initiatives (Parser unification, RESTBase deprecation)
    • Support specific projects and needs by other teams
  • Strategy
    • Plan and kick off research to inform MediaWiki strategy
    • Plan initiatives to grow the number of people who contribute to MediaWiki repositories deployed in Wikimedia production (Wikimedia Foundation annual plan 2023/24)

If you want to learn more about the research initiatives to inform strategy, please visit this page: MediaWiki Product Insights (work in progress!).

Q2 focus (October-December 2023) edit