Content Transform Team

The Content Transform team is responsible for maintaining the wikitext parsing products and Maps, among other things.

Mission Statement edit

In short, the Content Transform Team deals with content formats and transformations between them.

A bit more specifically,

  • We (aim to) provide specifications and guidance for wiki content formats
  • We develop transformations between content formats
  • We build and maintain content rendering and content transformation infrastructure
  • We build tooling to verify content integrity and content migration

History edit

Prior to May 2015, the MediaWiki Core Team was responsible for the mediawiki core PHP parser and the Parsoid team was responsible for Parsoid. In May 2015, the Parsoid Team was rebranded as the Parsing Team and the core PHP parser and Parsoid were brought under the same roof, with new members temporarily joining in May 2015 and April 2016 before leaving in April 2017 to join the MediaWiki Platform Team. In August of 2021, the Parsing team welcomed members of Maps and Product Infrastructure and became the Content Transform Team.

Current Work edit

In the 2023-2024 Annual Plan, the Content Transform Team is working on the following three items of committed work:

  1. Parser Unification
  2. RESTBase Deprecation
  3. On-going maintenance of Maps and our other product responsibilities

We do not expect to have more than 10-15% of our time available for other new initiatives in the 2023-2024 timeframe, but welcome opportunities to work together, especially on planning, integration, and the longer-term parsing/wikitext/maps roadmap.

Collaboration edit

Engaging with the Content Transform Team edit

Phabricator edit

Anyone outside of the Wikimedia Foundation can get our attention by opening a ticket in Phabricator tagged with Content-Transform-Team. This will make the ticket visible to the team at their weekly triage meeting, where the ticket will be given one of the following dispositions:

  1. It may be moved to another project the Content Transform Team is responsible for.
  2. It may be moved to the "Later" column on the Content-Transform-Team board, if it is an issue the team is not ready to deal with yet.
  3. It may have the Content-Transform-Team tag removed, if the team disagrees that the ticket falls under the projects they are responsible for.

Slack (Wikimedia Foundation Internal Only) edit

Wikimedia Foundation personnel can find us on Slack at #content-transformers.

Code repositories that the Content Transform team is either directly responsible for or shares responsibility with other teams edit

  • Parsoid
  • PHP/Node.js libraries that Parsoid depends on
    • wikipeg PEG parser (previously a fork of pegjs)
    • Zest
  • MediaWiki-Parser
  • RemexHtml HTML5 parser
  • MediaWiki Extensions
    • Linter
    • ParserMigration (in the process of being re-enabled)
    • Parsoid implementations of the following:
      • Gallery, Pre, Nowiki, Indicators
      • Cite
      • Poem
      • Imagemap
      • Translate
      • Kartographer
  • QA tools
    • TestReduce
    • VisualDiff
    • UprightDiff
  • Maps stack and associated extensions
  • Content services that sit on top of Parsoid to serve mobile apps
    • mobile-html

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