MediaWiki Platform Team

This page is a work in progress. All members of the team are welcome to edit it

The MediaWiki Platform Team is the current iteration of what was previously known as MediaWiki Core [citation needed], Wikimedia Services , Core Platform Team [citation needed] or Platform Engineering Team . It was created in July 2023 as part of a Wikimedia Technology reorg.



As the Wikimedia Foundation’s MediaWiki Platform Team, we



Follow our weekly goals, take a look at our Phabricator workboard or take a look at our weekly chores.



Communication. We say what we mean, our actions match our speech. We deliver our message in an honest, constructive, and empathetic way. We care for our interlocutors and we are never passive bystanders in the presence of unfairness.

Quality. We have clear expectations for ourselves and others and we know how to compromise.

Integrity. We don’t gossip, we don’t have a hidden agenda. We present ourselves as a team, not as individuals and we own up to our mistakes.

Collaboration. We frequently push pertinent information to stakeholders. We are good listeners, we make others feel heard. We have a clear intake process and teams are delighted to contact us. We engage with the community.

Mutual Trust. We have a culture where explanation is not optional. We know lack of communication and unanswered questions lead to mistrust. We do our best to repeat ourselves often, and we are empathetic. We believe others are capable and assume they are doing their best.

Teamwork. No one is alone. We share daily duties and weekly chore rotations. Everyone feels comfortable on the roster. We widely share expertise, we are not in the pattern of “different people do different things”.


  • Phabricator issue tracker (triaged within 7 days)
  • Libera Chat IRC: #mediawiki-core connect (This channel is shared among the MediaWiki Engineering Group teams.)
  • Internal Slack channel: #mediawiki-engineering-teams
  • email: mediawiki-platform-team
  • or reach out directly to Birgit Mueller or Larissa Gaulia.

Intake process

  • For Performance Review: Refer to Performance Review. Note that our main review starts after the changes or features are deployed to the Beta Cluster.
  • For other issues and guidance:

Create a ticket and tag us with MediaWiki-Platform-Team in phabricator

Self-service guidelines and tools


Here you can find most of our available tools and guides. Feel free to reach out to us if you can't find what you are looking for.

  1. MediaWiki introduction Timo Tijhof. Covers core Concepts and Wikipedia's extensions
  2. Extension:CentralAuth/authentication - Short overview for developers of the authentication mechanisms used by CentralAuth.
  3. Manual:How to debug/Login problems



Follow our weekly priorities on our Sprint page.

Presentations and blog posts