Platform Engineering Team/Expedition Value Stream

Mission / Objective edit

Applying basic MVC conception to separate concerns and drive discussion of refactoring

Work Intake Process edit

For significant projects, you can follow Platform Engineering teams how to work with us process.

For work related to bugs, features or support on MediaWiki core refactor, you can contact our Product Manager Luke Bowmaker directly or create a task on our Phabricator board, tagged with #pet-mw-expedition assigned to @lbowmaker. The team meets throughout the week and triages on a rolling basis.

Demo Sessions edit

On a regular cadence, the MediaWiki Expedition Value Stream team will post demos of our developments/works in progress here to provide transparency and gather feedback.

Note: You'll need to be signed in with your WMF account to view these videos.

Date Objectives Presenters
2021/06/01 Untangling MediaWiki Daniel Kinzler
2021/05/09 Breaking up the Monolith: The MediaWiki Expedition Daniel Kinzler