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New design for the Two Column edit conflict interface, status October 2018.png
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基於段落的編輯衝突界面是解决页面编辑冲突的新界面。它显示成对的文本段落,使您可以更轻松地将文本与当前在线的文本合并。 这个界面目前不能编辑讨论页中的冲突。 此外, 为解决讨论页编辑冲突而特别设计的界面 还处于开发状态,并计划在今年内部署。





启用新视图: 要启用该功能,您必须先登录并勾选测试功能参数设置页面上的基於段落的編輯衝突界面功能的复选框。如果您已經啟用了第一個測試功能,則將自動獲得新外觀。



  • 差异的文本会成对地左右分栏展示:本页的当前版本文本会以黄色显示,而您的版本是蓝色。在这之中,被修改的文本将会以高亮显示。
  • 相同的文本将会在灰色,宽度为页宽的长栏中显示


  1. 在每一组的文本中,选择你想保留的版本
  2. 如果需要,编辑选择的文本
  3. 单击发布更改。这样,您选择的所有文本连同灰框内的文本将会以新版本被创建。


1. Get oriented.

A tutorial guides you through the interface the first time you encounter an edit conflict. You can open it again by clicking on the help icon (?).

In order to help you solve the edit conflict, the interface breaks down the differences between the two revisions like this:

  • Text passages that differ are displayed in pairs next to each other: The current version of the page is shown in yellow and your version in blue. Inside, text that was changed is highlighted.
  • Text passages that are identical in both versions are displayed as a grey bar, spanning the whole width.

2. Build a new version by merging your text with the one that’s currently online.

selected text box, with a black pencil to start the editing mode
text box in editing mode, with checkmark and back arrow
  • Select the passages you want to keep by clicking on the radio buttons next to them. By default, all texts from the other person are selected, so if you publish immediately, none of your text changes are saved.
  • Edit passages, if needed.
    • Click on the black pencil to open the editing mode for a text passage. If the pencil is grey, it means you need to select the text passage first. Otherwise, this version won’t be saved when you click publish.
    • You can also edit text passages that are identical in both versions.
    • The highlights that indicate the differences between the versions disappear when you edit a text passage.
    • You can integrate parts from other text passages by copy and paste, either with the copy and paste function on your keyboard or with a right click.
    • Click on the check mark to apply changes to a text box and to close its editing mode.
    • If you want to discard your changes and reset the contents of the text box to what it was when the edit conflict occurred, click on the back arrow. This also restores the highlighting.

3. Publish a new page version.

When you’re done selecting and editing all of the passages, click “Publish changes”. This composes all of the text passages you selected and the grey boxes into a new page revision. As on all wiki pages, you can preview the changes first via the Preview button. On clicking Cancel, you return to the current version of the page.

Non-JS version

If you’re not using JavaScript, the look or behavior of the feature will be as follows:

  • All text passages are shown in editor boxes.
  • There are no buttons within the editor boxes.
  • Text passages that are identical in both versions are always expanded.



  • 2017-02-06   完成
  • Meta: 2017-02-13   完成
  • Dewiki: 2017-02-14   完成
  • Arwiki: 2017-02-21   完成
  • Hewiki: 2017-02-23   完成
  • Fiwiki: 2017-04-12   完成
  • 在所有其他wiki上: 2017-05-10   完成

New beta feature:

  • The switch from the first to the new beta feature on all wikis:

2018-11-08   完成

Default feature on:

  • Dewiki: March 25, 2020   完成
  • Arwiki: March 25, 2020   完成
  • Fawiki: March 25, 2020   完成