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This page is a translated version of the page Growth/Communities/Get the Growth experiments on your wiki and the translation is 13% complete.

The deployment of the Growth team features will happen soon on your wiki? Or your wiki agreed on getting the tools?

Here are some resources to help you with this deployment.

You can ask for help on the talk page.

You can also try the tools.

Yadda tsarin turawa ke aiki

  1. Ƙungiya ta Ci gaba tana ƙaddamar da fasalulluka a cikin "yanayin duhu". Siffofin suna samuwa ga duk wanda ya ba da damar abubuwan da ke cikin abubuwan da suke so.
  2. Ci gaban yana tuntuɓar wiki, saboda wannan wikis ya cancanci turawa.
  3. Al'umma ce ke da alhakin gwada fasalin da inganta tsoffin saitunan da aka bayar:
    • The interface needs to be translated, or the translations have to be checked. Ana yin wannan duka akan translatewiki da kuma a shafin daidaitawa na gida (Special:EditGrowthConfig). This guidance page can help you understanding this translation work.
    • Ana duba hanyoyin haɗin taimako akan shafin daidaitawa na gida
    • Ana duba samfuran kulawa akan shafin daidaitawa na gida
  4. Lokacin gwajin yana kan makonni biyu.
  5. Idan ƙungiyar Ci gaban ba ta gano babban mai toshewa ba, to ana tura fasalulluka zuwa duk sabbin asusu.

Idan wiki ya tuntubi ƙungiyar Ci gaban, to ƙungiyar Ci gaban ta bincika aikin zai yiwu ta biyo bayan ƙayyadaddun sharuɗɗan. Idan haka ne, ƙungiyar Growth tana aiwatar da hanya iri ɗaya don turawa.

We also provide some useful information both for mentors and newcomers, and these pages have to be translated as well.


Mandatory translations

Other translations


The configuration for the Growth features will be available at Special:EditGrowthConfig on your wiki.

Here are the Wikidata pages where we find the templates and help pages to fill Special:EditGrowthConfig on your wiki. You can edit this special page locally and change the links and templates, as far as they fit the description of each task.

Help panel

Help pages

Task Label Link
Manual of style How to write a good article Q4994848
Help:Editing How to edit a page Q151637 or
Inserting images (using the visual editor) How to insert images Q27919584 or
Inserting references (using the visual editor) How to insert references Q24238629 or
Article Wizard How to create an article[1] Q10968373 or Q4966605

Mentorship module (optional)

  • Signature list: Q14339834
  • Manual list of mentors (rarely used for new communities, but worth having it in the script anyway): Q100973200

Suggested edits

Task Task description Level of difficulty Maintenance templates Learn more link
Copyedit article Fix spelling, grammar and tone Easy Q6292692, Q6706206, Q6931087, Q7656698, Q6931386 Q10953805
Add Links Add links between articles Easy Q13107723, Q5849007, Q5621858 Q27919580 or Q75275496, or
Update article Bring existing articles up-to-date Medium Q5617874, Q14337093 Q4664141
Add References Find sources for existing articles Medium Q5962027, Q6192879 Q79951 or Q642335
Expand article Expand stubs to become sourced articles Hard Q5529697, Q5623589, Q5866533 Q10973854 or Q4663261
Create an article Add a new page to Wikipedia Hard N/A[1]

Mentoring (optional)

How this works

Mentors are important: they help newcomers to make safe first steps on the wiki.

Each newcomer has a random mentor assigned to them automatically. There is no obligation for the newcomer to contact their mentor.

We recommend having one mentor for every 500 new accounts per month, i.e. if your wiki has 5,000 new accounts per month, you should have 10 mentors signed up in order to handle the volume of incoming questions. We advise to have a minimum of 3 mentors. Have more mentors than needed will decrease the effort.


Mentors can join using special page, Special:MentorDashboard . Management of the whole list is possible at Special:ManageMentors. See details on creating mentors list.

Conditions to get the features

The Growth team has deployed the features to all Wikipedias. But any wiki can request to have these features, with the following conditions.

As detailed on our focus, we will work with the following wikis by order of priority:

  1. Our pilot Wikipedias – we address all the feedback they give us.
  2. Wikipedias – they get the features as they are, but we may consider suggestions of improvements from those wikis.
  3. All other Wikimedia projects – they get the features as they are, and the team will not have time to prioritize improvements specific to those wikis.

Bug reports will be prioritized by the Growth team.

The prerequisites to get the features are listed above.

Other MediaWiki wikis, not hosted by Wikimedia, can check on Extension:GrowthExperiments to get the features.

Bayanan kula

  1. 1.0 1.1 "Create an article" is not a task. In Suggested edits, there is a placeholder for this task, but the button is grey, inactive. Create an article is a very complicated task. It is actually the sum of all other maintenance tasks suggested. So encourage people to work on other tasks, before trying to create an article. However, we don't want to block newcomers from creating an article. This is why we provide a link to an help page to create a new article.

Kafin Yuni 2021, wannan tsari ya bambanta. Please see the archived version for comparison. The creation of the new process is documented on Phabricator.